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Road Chronicles

Your heroine surfing out at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.


I leave Minnesota this friday to head off through South Dakota! I’m VERY excited.

Plans are to hit the following:

Sioux Falls
The Corn Palace – Mitchell
Wall Drug Store – Wall (Home of the Jackalope!)
Badlands National Park
Mount Rushmore, Keystone
Needles Highway, Needle’s Eye, West Custer
Black Hills National Forest, Custer
Bear Butte, Southwest Meade

TRAVELOG: Aztalan State Park – Aztalan, WI

Aztalan State Park is is the site of an ancient indigenous settlement out in Aztalan, Wisconsin. There are several pyramid shaped mounds with flat topped platforms that archaeologists believe served ceremonial and defensive purposes.

There are also a great many whackadoo/crackpot sites out there that have rather wildly varying accounts of the citizens of Aztalan.
One site even goes so far as to explain that there were two opposing religious factions – one that worshiped the sun, and one that worshiped the moon, and posits that these two tribes engaged in a continuing battle for over two centuries. This site further goes on to speculate that the solar/males defeated the lunar/females, and then proceeded to desecrate the site with human sacrifice and cannibalistic rites – none of it, of course, backed up with actual reference material…

Road Chronicles

Your hostess at the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota.


Life in Matilda

A rumpled picture of ‘the boudoir’ section of Matilda.


TRAVELOG: Mansfield Reformatory – Mansfield, OH

It has been said that Mansfield Reformatory (40°47′07″N 82°30′18″W) houses the largest free standing steel cell block in the world – located in the East Cell Block. The grounds and facility buildings have been used as backdrops for various movies, music videos and paranormal TV shows; but the one that brought the facility the most fame was the movie Shawshank Redeption – which coincidentally saved the prison. We learned on the tour through the cell blocks that shortly before shooting started on the movie was supposed to start, wrecking crews were slated to knock everything down…

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TRAVELOG: Centralia, PA

I’ve wanted to visit Centralia for awhile now. Driving through the center of Ashland, PA – what seems like a fairly large town for the area, you take a right to head north on rt 61 and immediately head into the mountains of rural PA along a highway that winds up into the surrounding hills. There are coal piles in the treeline, long overgrown, and patches of trees are darker in color than others.

As you roll into Centralia proper, there are a total of three cemeteries on either end of second street, just before you spot the buckling and breaking of the land where sinkholes appeared years ago. The pulloff along the street leads you up to a vantage point where you can look down on the remains of the town, as well as surveying the damage that the fires beneath the surface has caused. Past that, you start to see the grid of a neighborhood that looks as though houses should be situated on the surrounding lots, but the structures themselves are long gone…

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Where are the women Kerouacs?

“Whereas a man on the road might be seen as potentially dangerous, potentially adventurous, or potentially hapless, in all cases the discourse is one of potential. When a man steps onto the road, his journey begins. When a woman steps onto that same road, hers ends.”


“True quest is about agency, and the capacity to be driven past one’s limits in pursuit of something greater. It’s about desire that extends beyond what we may know about who we are. It’s a test of mettle, a destiny. A man with a quest, internal or external, makes the choice at every stage about whether to endure the consequences or turn back, and that choice is imbued with heroism. Women, however, are restricted to a single tragic or fatal choice.”

This is a FANTASTIC article.

In the past year on the road I’ve not yet been attacked or molested. Most people have been very friendly, and consequently very interested in my adventure. Granted, this may be in large part due to the fact that I look very different from most women out there. Being that I’m a single woman traveling the country on my own, I’m pretty hyper vigilant about my surroundings, and I definitely know how to defend myself – but sometimes, that’s not enough.

I have been very fortunate in my endeavor. The entire purpose of this trip is to be driven past my limits in pursuit of something greater. To learn more about myself – even the dirty truth that people don’t usually want to hear about themselves.

So far, I think I’ve achieved my goal – and intend to continue doing so when I get back on the road again at the end of May.

TRAVELOG: The Georgia Guidestones

Saturday morning, during my trek from New Orleans to Virginia, I realized that I was quite near to the Georgia Guidestones – a rather impressive stone monument out in Elbert County, GA. Several friends had mentioned that I should really check this out during my trip around the country, and since I was close enough, I went ahead and made a detour, now immensely curious. I was not disappointed…

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TRAVELOG: Cities of the Dead

I strolled around Metairie yesterday, and there are quite a lot of cemeteries to choose from in the area. 8 Separate cemeteries take up quite a bit of space where Canal St and City Park Ave meet. Lakelawn cemetery seems to be the largest, across the the interstate from Greenwood cemetery. The grounds of Lakelawn cemetery take up an area much bigger than the surrounding residential areas. There is a three quarters quadrant around the Ponchartrain Expressway that is filled with cities of the dead; the fourth quadrant is the New Orleans Country Club – which is still smaller than Lakelawn cemetery.

It’s a veritable mecca of ancestor remembrance, and quite visually stunning…

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