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TRAVELOG: Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is a marvel of geothermal activity. The park is enormous (3,468.4 square miles (8,983 km)), and with two days of exploring, I still didn’t see anywhere nearly as much as I wanted to. Coming in from South Dakota, I ended up taking the East entrance, from Cody, Wyoming on a sunday afternoon. There were a number of gorgeous waterfalls cascading down the rocks on the side of the road throughout the ride in. It was fantastic. Lots o’ canyon, lots o’ waterfalls. Just how I like it….

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Road Chronicles

Bedding down for the night at a campground in Three Forks, Montana. Tomorrow – the Lewis and Clark Caverns!

Road Chronicles

So, the other night it’s taking me awhile to get to sleep and I hear what sounds very much like a bear growling as it’s walking around outside near the van. I think to myself, “Holy shit. Was that actually a bear, or just my imagination?”

After a few minutes, the growl comes again. At this precise moment, I realize that I also have to start making my way to the bathroom at some point soon.

“Go ‘way, bear! I have to pee and I don’t want to get mauled/eaten on the way to the bathroom!” I groaned quietly to myself.

I held off as long as I could, trying to get to sleep and just wait my bladder out, but my brain started deciding to make me have dreams of having a bucket inside the van that I could use as emergency facilities. Eventually, I had to just get the hell out of the van and make a break for the bathroom.

I opened the doors, looked around, and I couldn’t see the shape of anything that might eat me, so I started the long walk to the big, cold building. (it gets down in the 50’s here at night in summer, apparently) Of course, in my head, the bear is now simply waiting for me in one of the stalls, but at that point I no longer cared. I had my mighty keys with me, and I’d whack the crap out of it, and very likely pee on it as well during a possible attack.

Color me pleasantly surprised when I get there and there’s no bear -and then when I get back outside, no bear. I get back to Matilda, climb inside and snuggle under the covers, glad that my mental ordeal is over.

Ah, the exciting nights I have, camping in bear country. 🙂

Road Chronicles

Up early and ready to get some brekkie, then head out to Pictograph Cave State Park in Billings, MT – then it’s off to Yellowstone

Road Chronicles

Found a campground in West Yellowstone to spend the week in – good shade, solid WIFI. Woot!

Road Chronicles

Bedding down at a campground in Billings, MT for the night. Full moon is gorgeous.

Road Chronicles

After spending the night at Devil’s Tower out in Wyoming, am getting back on the road. To Montana!

TRAVELOG: Devil’s Tower – Wyoming

This was it. After many years of wanting to see it for myself, I was finally able to get out to Crook County, Wyoming to visit with Devil’s Tower.

Considered sacred to the Lakota and other tribes with both cultural and geological ties to it, Devil’s Tower (Matȟó Thípila / Ptehé Ǧí / Wox Niiinon) is a stone monolith that looms over the surrounding landscape. Along the drive out on US-14 W, the moment the monument comes into view, it’s almost startling and unmistakable for anything else. An enormous pillar that rises up out of a flared stone base, flush with fallen rock peppered throughout with trees and bushes, Devil’s Tower seems to beckon. I actually felt pulled to the site almost the entire way there…

Road Chronicles

Me on the giant jackelope in the Wall Drug courtyard.


Life in Matilda

So, I picked up a small jackelope while I was out in Wall, South Dakota. He’s now my new traveling companion.