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At Balticon back in spring, while I was at the table selling paperback copies of book two in my Vengeance Cycle series, I heard the same question a number of times, “Are these two books in a series, or are they separate?”

Both covers do look completely different, and it really does make the books look as if they have no relation to each other. I decided to remedy this, and had asked Steven Archer to do the same treatment on the image for It Never Ends that he’d done for Devil’s Gambit, since he did such a kickass job – and he didn’t disappoint. Thank you Steve!!

After a few tweaks, I present a preview for the new cover art for It Never Ends.

Once It Never Ends is available with the new cover art, I’ll let everybody know.

INE book 1 FINAL cover with text

Pondering: The Vengeance Cycle

For the longest time, Jilah was hard for me to pair up with an actress in my head. Lately, I think either Mädchen Amick or Laura Prepon could rock it as Jilah. #ItNeverEnds #Devil’sGambit