Paranormal Investigative Case Files

Paranormal Investigation Case Files – 005 – The Organ Donor Who Wouldn’t Let Go

Sunday, June 1st 2014

Investigators: Ahmadi Riverwolf and Jhada Addams

Client had a liver transplant several years ago. 5 days after the transplant, she reported feeling a reassuring hand on her shoulder after a family member passed. Client felt certain that the hand was from the spirit of the person that had been the organ donor.

According to the client, approximately six months ago, she became very ill and stated that she never really felt alone – and that this feeling was unsettling. Every once in a while she stated that she would see a tall, large white guy with black hair. She was fairly certain that it was the donor.

At some point during this time, something spoke to her in a man’s voice, stating, “You have something that belongs to me, and I want it back.”

Paranormal Investigation Case Files – 004 – New Philadelphia, PA – The Tulpa and the Boyfriend

Investigators: Ahmadi Riverwolf, Jim Achey, Silver Wolf(Donna), Kim Hayle and Jhada Addams

Client initially contacted Cressona Paranormal stating that problems had started when she and her boyfriend were digging in their back yard to put in an above-ground pool. Shortly afterwards, a mysterious, large swarm of black bugs started infesting her house – mostly gathering in the basement. A short time after that, her 3 year old grand-daughter went swimming in the pool, experiencing a catatonic epsisode when she got out (the girl was non-verbal for about 10 minutes and had to be taken to the hospital – where nothing was found wrong with the child). According to the client’s recollection, the girl’s skin was cold to the touch. Even in full sunlight, the pool has stayed ice cold.

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Paranormal Investigation Case Files – 003 – Grantville, PA – The Playful Child, the Guardian Squiggle and The Dark that Eats

Saturday, April 5th, 2014
Investigators: Ahmadi Riverwolf, Jim Achey

Client initially contacted Cressona Paranormal stating there was a 7 month old baby the was repeatedly waking with night terrors. They stated that it was always difficult to get the child back to sleep after this happened. The client stated that it seemed to them that the baby was scared of being in her own bed. This only seemed to happen in their house. When the baby slept in the residences of other family members, the child slept with no issues.

The client’s boyfriend also had a 7 year old daughter, but nothing seemed to be engaging the daughter at all.

The client felt as though she’d had something around her all of her life that followed her to wherever she moved to, and she was afraid that it was affecting the child.

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Saturday, March 30th, 2014

Investigators: Jim Achey, Ahmadi Riverwolf and Jhada Addams

Ahmadi, Jim and I went out to Catawissa, PA to investigate a house in which a 4 year old boy had been drawing crosses everywhere in a certain section of the family’s living room. The boy had also been talking to a spirit that he called Roger. Disembodied apparitions were being seen around the house by the entire family.

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Paranormal Investigation Case Files – 001 – Philadelphia, PA

February 25th, 2013

This past saturday night was my first time accompanying a paranormal investigative team – Cressona Paranormal. We went to a house about 45 minutes or so outside of Philadelphia, PA. The client had experienced things moving around in the house and had found some scratches on the top of one of his dressers, but nothing else really directed at him in a negative way. He stated that at one point, while he was practicing with his Death Metal band in the basement, there was a loud LA LA LA that came through the speakers. The women that would enter his house, however, would usually leave with a sense of dread/discomfort, if not scratches – one was scratched up in the attic, the other in the basement. There was at least one woman that it tried to push down the stairs.

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