It Never Ends (Book One in The Vengeance Cycle)

“Monsters do not always wear a murderous guise. Many times, they are the ones whom you least suspect.”

(Book One of The Vengeance Cycle)
Horror with Erotic elements
Available from Amazon both in paperback and for the Kindle.
Also available from Smashwords in ebook format.

smashwordsicon kindleIcontiny

INE book 1 FINAL cover with textThrough the catalyst of a vicious, soul-rending act of personal violence, a new Vengeance Avatar is crowned. The full weight of a karmic sword of judgment now resides firmly nestled in the soul of a despoiled, angry young woman.

Seeking out the desecrators of women and children, she makes her nightly appointed rounds – inflicting punishment upon her prey with the fury and strength of a dark, bloody primal goddess.

Now if she could only get her social life in order.

The first book in The Vengeance Cycle series, It Never Ends, is a tale that explores the fine lines between redemption and damnation.

During a particularly brutal attack, an entity offers to intervene on Dani Jillson’s behalf. Dani agrees to the rather strenuous remuneration for the services rendered and soon finds herself thrown into a supernatural world of violence and vengeance. Now pressed into service as this entity’s Avatar; a servitor and vessel for its wrath and power, she is sent out into the world to reflect the evil that men do back at them. With interest.

Several months in, her nightly rituals start blending into a monotonous blur of gore, prompting her to take a night off, in which she runs across Argent Valentine, a solitary vampire who once ruled over the prefecture of New Orleans under the auspices of the European Council.

Argent finds himself irresistably attracted to this new predator that now hunts within his chosen feeding grounds, but Dani is repulsed by the attraction she feels for the interloper.

Meeting each other is only half the battle.


It’s like HP Lovecraft and Jane Austen’s demonic love-child.
– Nobilis Reed of Nobilis Erotica

Addams could take her twin gifts of narration and characterization to any story she might be inclined to share. However, fans of erotic horror will undoubtedly be grateful she put them to work in something like It Never Ends.”
– Gabriel Ricard over at

It Never Ends is a rollicking ride into a new era of vampire literature. The characters are vivid, the scenes capture the imagination. Each bizarre page takes you into the unpredictable world of the violence done against women and children and makes you cheer as Our Heroine guts those that trespass against our most vulnerable and in need of protection. I would like to think that this character is Out There somewhere taking out those that prey on innocence. The ending will also blow you away. The last chapter had me so entranced that the next time I looked up from the pages, I was an hour late for for work, but I HAD to finish. Looking forward to the next chapter in this series so as to see possible answers to the many questions Vengence Cycle Book One left tantalizingly open.
– The Coven of the Congo Cauldron

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