Devil’s Gambit (Book Two in The Vengeance Cycle)

“We are all capable of being monstrous. It depends on what side of the definition you stand.”

(Book Two of The Vengeance Cycle)
Horror with Erotic elements
Available from Amazon both in paperback and for the Kindle.
Also available from Smashwords in ebook format.

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Devil's Gambit - Book Two in The Vengeance Cycle

When the actions of the malevolent are judged by the truly righteous, the lines are clear.

When corruption stands in judgement of evil – that’s when the lines begin to blur.

Can a righteous Avatar fulfill her destiny when her duty is turned against her own conscience?

Jilah’s about to find out.

What started out as a clear path of righteous duty now develops a distressing new wrinkle. With the arrival of a mysterious new ally, Jilah now finds herself at uncomfortable odds with the covenant struck in brutal necessity.

It may be her undoing.


Devil’s Gambit rarely disappoints when touching on such things as love, loss, feminism (the undertones of this are pretty damn clear, but Addams knows how to make her points without sacrificing plot and character development), the intense physical and emotional connection between two beings, vengeance (obviously), and the kind of regret that can consume an individual whole. Through the eyes of a character as well-defined and intriguing as Jilah, Addams is able to express more than most writers ever could. She is yet another reminder of the versatility that exists within even the most specific genres.Gabriel Ricard over at Drunk Monkeys

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