Chance Encounter: Chapter 16 – You wanna go hard, baby? We can go hard

You wanna go hard, baby? We can go hard

Chance Encounter
Chapter 16

Max watched Logan knock back his fifth beer in the last five minutes.

“You trying to get trashed, cowboy?” she asked, picking at the bowl of peanuts on the bar. They’d gone to a roadhouse dive that Logan made a beeline for the moment they were off the mansion grounds.

“Can’t.” he grumbled, placing the empty beer on the counter and reaching for the next one. He had five more lined up.

“Mutation won’t let me.”

Max gave a sober nod, sipping at her coke. Her kind couldn’t really get drunk either, so she’d stopped trying years ago. It was too damned expensive to try to get anything remotely resembling a buzz on, and she’d never really liked the taste of alcohol. It left her mouth dry and just ended up making her thirsty. The twang of seedy country music echoed out of an old jukebox in the corner, making Max’s lip curl.

Ugh. The only country song she’d ever liked had been Devil Went Down to Georgia.

“How can you listen to this crap?” she asked, looking out at the mostly empty bar. Perhaps it got more rowdy at night.

Logan eyed her and knocked back the rest of his beer, his tone derisive.

“Your taste is in yer mouth, girl.”

There was laughter in the depths of his eyes as he reached for her and kissed her. Max was surprised that she really liked the taste of beer on him. It washed off the taste of that shitty cigar he’d been smoking since they first stepped up to the bar. It sat in an ashtray off to his left, smoke curling in a lazy swirl just above it. She grinned and pulled out of the kiss, catching the bartender glaring at her. The woman was obviously disappointed that he was with somebody. Max looked back over at Logan who was pulling another beer off the bar and knocking it back.

“Do you even notice them?” she asked.

He quickly drained the beer, then burped. “Notice who?”

Classy. Max rolled her eyes at him.

“You’re like the pied piper of rough sex, and you’re not even aware of it?”

Now that they were out in the world, among pinks, Max couldn’t help but note the reactions of most women when they saw him. Did it really not register with him?

“You don’t say.” he replied with a pleased grin.

Max slowly slid her hands up his thighs and his grin grew wicked.

“Is it a pheromone that women respond to, or is it just you? And why is it that almost every female we run across has that little heated spark that lights up in their eyes when they see you?”

She was honestly curious. Was it also what attracted her so strongly to him as well?

“Oh.” he murmured. “That.”

And down another beer went. He’d have to ask for more soon.

Max stood before him, sliding her hands around to the outsides of his thighs now. He eyed her as the beer quickly emptied into him, happily journeying to parts below. He placed the empty back on the bar and said, “Fuck if I know. I just know it happens. Why?”

“Some of them give me the black look when they realize that you’re with m,.” she explained, not being entirely comfortable with it.

In the pack, nobody really cared. Mated pairs still slept around, but the bond was usually solid enough to withstand almost anything. Pinks were almost painfully demanding and possessive of their mates, and the pairings didn’t usually last that long because they tended to look for all the wrong things in a partner. Turnskins were more pragmatic about the whole affair – which wasn’t to say that there weren’t dramatic tussles from time to time. Blood in her kind always ran hotter, so disagreements usually jumped pretty quickly into bloodloss – but as soon as the conflict was over and wounds were healed, the dispute was considered settled.

Logan crooked an eyebrow and asked, “You the jealous type, Max?”

She quietly replied, “I can share, as long as it’s understood that I’m Prime – in everything.”

Logan raised an eyebrow, asking, “Prime?”

Max explained, “The Prime has the final say on any external couplings in a given relationship. Both ‘skins in the initial mated pair have control over who their mate sleeps with. This is pretty much in case one or the other makes a poor choice in bedmates – IE sickness of mind or body..” she let her words trail off at the look on Logan’s face. He looked pissed.

“I don’t share, Max. Period.” he growled.

She smiled and murmured, “I kinda figured. Honestly? I always sucked at the sharing thing myself.”

She let her relief show and felt him relax as he collected another beer.

“Good,” he murmured.

She took another look around, wincing at the decor. It really was a shitkicker country joint. There were assorted dark splashes on the wall, presumably from where people had haphazardly thrown their beers. The jukebox looked as if it had seen better days as well.

“Ok. Next time, I get to pick the place. This blows.” she chuckled, taking another sip of her coke. She looked over to see the bartender giving her an acidic look.

Max smiled back at the women, revealing even, white teeth and letting some of the predator bleed into her eyes.

Mine, bitch.

The woman balked, taking a step back before turning around and wiping down a section of the counter.

Max heard Logan chuckle beside her and looked over to see the smug grin on his face.

“Jealous.” he grunted, tipping the rest of his beer back.

“Possessive and asserting my place.” she corrected, leaning into him and gently squeezing his cock through his jeans.

He choked and glared at her, taking the beer away from his lips with a growl. Max grinned and pressed her hand against his length, sliding along it. Logan groaned and grabbed her wrist, setting the unfinished beer gently back on the bar.

“You’re just bound and determined to get yourself in trouble, aren’t ya?” he murmured.

“You were gone for an awfully long time.” Max purred.

“Can I at least finish the fuckin’ beer?”

She gave another squeeze and his eyes fluttered shut. Suddenly, her hand was gone and the glorious sensations stopped.

Logan’s eyes snapped open and he looked over to find Max perched back on her barstool with an innocent smile.

“What?” she asked, taking another sip of her coke. “Still want that beer?”

He didn’t know if he wanted to hit her or kiss her. He growled and slipped off his barstool as she chuckled and said, “Pay the woman – then keep up. If you can.”

He reached for her, but she deftly slid out of the way, jumping off the barstool and walking towards the front door.

“Too slow, old man. Doesn’t bode well for the chase..”

Logan grabbed a wad of cash, tossing it onto the bar and turning to stalk her.

“Don’t play, girl – you won’t like what happens.”

“Oh, I think I will.” Max crooned in a singsong, then quickly slipped out of the bar.

The sun was just beginning to set as Logan stepped outside. The parking lot was mostly empty, and Max was nowhere to be seen. Her scent still lingered on the evening air, just enough to tantalize. Just enough to track.

The motorcycle he’d borrowed was still there, and since he had the keys, she’d stay somewhat close. He took a quick look around, then ran in the direction of her scent. She had a good head start on him, and was a damn good runner. She hadn’t stripped down and shifted yet – her scent didn’t have that distinctive musky addition to it – so he had a chance of catching up with her. Since actually evading him was likely the last thought in her mind, he figured that increased his odds. He let out a growling laugh as he made his way through the brush, tasting the tang of her excitement on the light wind.

God, what she did to him. It almost wasn’t fair. His body thrummed as he heard the noise of someone quickly making their way through the trees up ahead. Was she really going to make it this easy? Something tackled him and he tossed it away with a snarl. Max laughed and rolled to her feet, crouching across from him.

“You used to be better at this game.” She jeered, grinning and running off.

“You’re only makin’ it worse for yerself.” he growled, standing up and dusting himself off.

Beginner’s luck.

His grin turned wicked and sharp as he once again leapt into the chase. There was a crack off to his right and he quickly spun to close with her, gritting his teeth as her claws dug rich red furrows into his arm. He hissed as the marks closed up, his tone becoming a low rumble as he grated, “You wanna go hard, baby? We can go hard.”

The claws snapped out with a metallic SNIKT and he spun to face her. She’d only shifted her hands into those enormous, vicious claws. The rest of her stayed pink – and so very delicious. She’d shed her clothes at some point, and Logan momentarily wondered where she’d stashed them before she crooked a claw at him, making a beckoning gesture.

“Let’s see what’cha got.” she taunted, crouching.

They circled one another as Logan murmured, “Baby, you ain’t ready to see what I got.”

He stood up and Max cocked her head, her eyes narrowing as he leapt at her. She grinned and evaded, tagging his side, making sure to keep the cuts small and shallow. No reason to tear him all to pieces. She wanted him to have enough strength for what came after. Logan felt the pain flare in his side briefly, knowing that she was pulling her punches.

He quickly spun and caught her in the shoulder, extending her the same courtesy. Tag for tag. He still owed her one, though.

He leapt back, avoiding her strike and got her again in the thigh. She cried out and came at him quicker than he could compensate for. Her speed startled him as she slammed him up against a tree, her nose flaring and her breath coming hot and heavy.

“So whip it out.” she purred, letting her claws trail lightly down his chest.

Logan smirked back at her.

“So, you’re declarin’ a win?”

Max laughed, her claws morphing back into smooth pink hands. She quickly slid a hand between their bodies, gripping his cock behind his jeans and pressing him harder up against the tree. “Maybe.” she purred.

Logan groaned, his head rocking back as he growled. “Y’know, most guys don’t like overly aggressive women.”

Max leaned in and let her tongue play along the taut skin along his neck.

“Their loss.”

She bit down and he gripped her hips, claws still extended. Logan began making that now familiar sound that was somewhat between a growl and a purr of pleasure. He’d only started doing it since their return from the facility. The first time she’d heard it, she’d asked him what he was doing. He honestly didn’t know, but it had definitely done something for her. Since then, she was noticing that it was becoming more pronounced.

She heard the SNIKT of his claws as they retracted and she gently bit his ear, murmuring, “No – leave them out. It provides an added level of difficulty.”

He let out a warm laugh, popping the claws again and sliding his hands up her waist. He had to be careful, this way – but he was finding that the awareness was definitely adding something to the experience

Nobody had ever wanted the claws before.

Max squeezed his cock firmly and Logan’s body bowed out and away from the tree, his fisted hands at his sides as the nails on her other hand opened little bloody furrows down his chest.

Dear god.

He trembled as her hand shifted back to pink fingers that she trailed them down the lines of the quickly healing cuts. The growl purr grew stronger as she reached for his jeans, quickly opening them and sliding them down his legs. Max slowly knelt before him, looking up to meet his eyes as she took him in her mouth. Logan groaned and shivered, his hands trembling slightly at his sides. Her mouth was exquisite. The sensations as she sucked him and slid her hands up his thighs sent his eyes rolling back in his head. He felt her moan around him and cried out, wanting so badly to touch her, but not wanting to seriously hurt her with the claws.

She pulled away and he looked down at her, his eyes pleading.

“Put your hands on my shoulders.” she suggested as she licked the tip of him, sending another jolt of sensation shaking through him.

Logan gently touched her shoulders, careful to keep the claws away from her face and hair.

“You sure you wa..”

Max effortlessly took away his capacity for speech as she engulfed him with her mouth again, humming and taking as much of him as she could.

Logan gripped her shoulders tightly, moaning loudly and closing his eyes as she picked up the pace. Christ, the girl was an expert cocksucker. He’d almost forgotten. Just as he felt himself jittering up to the edge, she stopped and gripped his wrists, gently moving his hands away from her shoulders.

His eyes snapped open, wild as she grinned and stood up, taking him in her hand. He was growling now, his lip curled in frustration at being denied release.

“Playin’ with fire, girl.” he grated, his voice hoarse with need.

She smiled and purred, “Yeah, but you’re the one wanting, and I’m the one waiting to be fucked. So maybe the fire needs a little coaxing.”

She leaned in to kiss him, brushing her lips gently against his. Was she trying to drive him insane? It seemed possible. She stepped away from him, then bolted off into the woods, the sharp tang of her interest sending an almost painful thrum through him.

“Bitch is gonna be the death of me.” he growled, retracting the claws.

He kicked his boots and jeans off before sprinting after her.

Her scent was much easier to track now, but she seemed to be weaving around in a confusing pattern. What the hell was she up to? He took several tentative steps forward, then spun and reached out to grab her. Holy crap, she was quick. He was just lucky this time.

Max looked almost startled that he’d caught her and Logan presented her with a sharptoothed grin as he growled, “My win.”

She let out a sigh of acknowledgment and Logan forced her down onto all fours, gripping her from behind and pulling her towards him. Max shivered as he pressed her hips down, spreading her legs. Logan slid a finger along her slickness, delighted that she was easily as worked up as he was. God, her scent made his mouth water as he found her clit and began making slow lazy circles around it as he roughly pinched one of her nipples, pulling at it. Max cried out, her body bucking as he drove her close – so very close. He tipped her just to the edge, then took his hand away, giving her ass a sharp slap as he licked her juices from his fingers.

He admired the brief handprint that appeared on her ass briefly as he chuckled.

“You were saying?”

Max let out a cry of frustration as he stood up and walked over to lean against one of the trees behind her.

“Bastard.” she grated.

“Hey, you started it.” he replied with a smug grin. “Now who needs it more?”

Max looked back at him angrily, her pwn hand snaking down between her legs. Logan quickly stepped over and stopped her, pulling her hand behind her back.

“None of that, now.” He then grabbed the other one, holding both of them behind her back now as he leaned down and said, “I think I win again.”

He reached around to cup her breast, pinching her nipple as he let his teeth play along the sensitive skin between her neck and shoulder. He let the claws pop as he rolled her nipple between his fingers, enjoying the sound she made as she saw them. She sometimes liked to try to roll dominant on him, but always ended up submissive. Funny how that worked out.

And now the claws? That both surprised and excited him.

Logan sheathed them, then roughly forced her back to all fours, his tone heated as he gripped her hips.

“God, I love fucking you.” He slowly slid inside her, watching her body arch back against him. “Making you come. Hearing you scream.”

He popped the claws again, careful to keep them away from her sides and arms. Max moaned, her hands clawing at the ground.

“Making you mine.” He pulled out and slammed back in and Max cried out, her body shaking.

Logan smiled as he heard her murmuring, “Pleasepleasepleaseplease.” under her breath.

Now she was ready. He let himself slip into that dark, rough place that she liked so much as he sheathed the claws and growled, grinding into her with bruising force as he moved to bite down sharply at the skin between her shoulder and her neck. He felt the scream building up before it shattered out of her, his name ringing loudly through the trees. Logan quickly followed, roaring as he tightened a fist in her hair and poured himself into her. They both slid to the ground, momentarily exhausted as they tried to catch their breath.

“That was pretty good, for a quickie.” Max murmured, giggling.

Logan wrapped himself around her, his voice hoarse as he said, “Oh, now you’re really gonna get it.”

Max laughed and kissed the blood from his knuckles.

“Okay, that was hot as hell.” she murmured.

“You ain’t gettin’ out of it that easy, darlin’.”


They arrived back at the mansion much later that night, covered in mud and leaves. They were both howling with laughter as they rode up to the gate on the motorcycle that Scott had lent them for the night. There would be a substantial amount of cleaning to do in the morning in order to get the mud out of the creases in the leather. They quieted down a bit as the wrought iron gate doors opened, but it was mostly due to Max’s prompting. She didn’t want to wake anybody.

Logan pulled the motorcycle into the garage and Max hopped off, still giggling. Logan shut off the motor, then picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, grinning from ear to ear. As they walked up to the front door, Logan spotted Scott standing on the porch with his arms crossed. He didn’t look pleased.

Scott cleared his throat as Logan walked up to him. “This isn’t a flophouse. It’s an institution of learning. There are certain rules and a certain code of conduct that need to be maintained.”

Logan stilled. Who the fuck did this kid thing he was? Was it any of his damned business?

“What’re ya tryin’ ta say, scooter?”

Scott’s expression darkened and Max said, “Logan, put me down.”

Once back on her feet, Max turned to face Scott and said, “We just went out to blow off a little steam. I think after everything he’s been through, it’s the least he deserves.”

Logan and Scott glared at each other for a moment, then Scott relented, looking back over at Max.

“There are impressionable children that live here, Max.”

Logan growled and she stepped forward, “Can we please talk about this tomorrow?”

Scott cast a momentary glance over at Logan, then said, “Just please be quiet about getting to your room, ok? Almost everybody else is asleep. Classes start early tomorrow morning.”

Max nodded, placing her hand back against Logan’s leg and giving it a squeeze.


Scott turned to head back inside and Logan looked over at her, frowning, “Classes?”

“There are enough children here now for there to be an actual curriculum. Granted, they’re really small groups, but it works.” she explained.

Logan took a step back, taking in the measure of the mansion.

“I don’t know if I can do this, Max.”

“What are you talking about?” she murmured, moving over to him. “Scott’s a little tight, I know, but..”

“No..” he grated his teeth, continuing, “I don’t know if I can actually live in a place like this.”

“Too many rules?” she asked, figuring that this would be the big wedge.

“Kids.” he croaked, looking truly uncomfortable – like he didn’t even want to take a step inside.

“There were kids here the last time you were at the mansion, Logan.” This was weird. What had gotten into him?

“Someone like me doesn’t need to be around kids, Max.” he muttered, looking away from her.

“Someone like you?” she breathed, placing a hand on his arm. “Logan..”

He pulled away from her and snapped, “I’m an animal, Max. I kill people. It’s what I’m best at.”

Max smiled and murmured, “I’d argue that you’re pretty damn good at at least one other thing.”

Logan’s expression became pinched as he grated, “Don’t.”

She didn’t understand. How could she? She’d never truly seen him fall into the blackness entirely, consumed by it. She’d never seen the aftermath. If she had, this is the last place she’d want to bring him.

“You have no idea..”

Max stood her ground, glaring now. “Don’t you think that the Professor has a pretty good goddamned idea of what you’re capable of, even if I don’t? Do you think he’d let you stay here if he thought you were any threat to these kids?”

She had a point. A pretty damned good one, actually.

“Give it time, Logan. If it doesn’t end up working out, I’ll go anywhere on this earth with you. Truly. Just..give it time, okay?”

Logan looked over at her, seeing that she meant every word she said.

He let out a slow sigh, then murmured, “Or you’ll cut my heart out, right?”

Max leaned into him and smiled. “Yeah. That’s pretty much the size of it.”

“Well, seeing as I have no choice..” he wrapped an arm around her and began walking up the stairs to the porch.

“I guess we better get inside.”


MARVEL owns the copyright on their own characters, but I’ve fussed with and taken liberties with canon, and Max is my own creation.

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