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Now, I’ve heard some people say, “You can’t tell me that ‘my version’ of Vodou/Santeria/Palo is wrong. You don’t have that right.”

You’re right. I don’t.

But I WILL say that when you ACTIVELY tell people that you are a Palera/o, Santera/o or a Vodouisant, and then tell them that you can do trabajos/wangas/etc for them as such – you need to realize that these titles come with the assumption that you have a godparent and a lineage – that you have FORMAL training and tutelage at the feet of an elder, or a collection of elders DIRECTLY WITHIN THAT PATH – whether you choose to believe that or not. By using a title that you didn’t actively earn, you’re disrespecting the path, and you’re disrespecting the CLIENT.

You’re also doing a disservice to yourself. These are beautiful, spiritually powerful traditions, and the connectedness of community cannot be overstated.

If you’re doing your own ‘version’ of a path – then please CALL IT THAT. BE CLEAR with people that you are doing your own thing. Don’t purposely mislead somebody because you think the title Mambo or Houngan sounds better.

Otherwise, it’s just false marketing – empty and without merit.