A few years back, I spent about three years on a vision quest for – driving around the United States in a conversion van with the intention of visiting as many places in the Continental US as possible.

At this point, the states I have yet to visit are:

Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa and Kentucky.

I have over twelve years as a crowned priestess of Yemaya in La Regla de Ocha/Santeria, am a Palo Yayi and have been speaking with the dead since the age of 5. Dead folks have made their presence known to me in various forms throughout the years. I started my path as a horse for spirit back when I was 17. I engage with spirit in mild possession, in which I remain aware, but my body and voice are used by spirit to convey messages and heal people, as well as driving out negative entities.

I divine through cards as well as the Diloggun (oracular reading by way of utilizing cowrie shells).

It is my firm belief that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us – our Ancestors. Through them, we can accomplish everything. Without them, our path becomes static and difficult.

When working with clients, I tend to only engage spirits that most mediums classify as ‘Demonic’ or ‘Evil’ – even though it’s my firm belief that most Demons have better things to do than to frustrate and terrify housewives and children.

I tend to work only cases where heavy poltergeist activity has been reported and where the occupants of a building are actually in danger of being hurt.

To be clear, my primary purpose it to assist the spirit in what it needs as opposed to simply ‘making it go away’ for a family that’s uncomfortable having that kind of energy in their house. Only in cases where the spirit is simply out to cause hurt/harm do I intervene to get the spirit away from those whom it’s harming.

If you wish to contact me about a spiritual matter, you can reach me at ninjacooter@gmail.com.

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