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EVENT: Ancestor Reunion – 8/24/2019

A rare opportunity to experience some of the most gifted mediums in Fairfax, VA.

This Gathering will be a public ceremony where spiritual Mediums, with the assistance their guides and ancestral spirits will give important messages to the gathered members of the Congregation.

The sole purpose of this gathering is for the mediums present to share messages that will be helpful to the community members who attend.

Please feel free to bring images of your loved ones, or items that were precious to them – we’ll be setting up an altar space where we will be placing these and other necessary items. We do this with the hope that the spirits of the ancestors who attend can receive the energy of the offerings (incense, food, candles, flowers, seven day candles) presented, as well as receive the elevation from those praying and singing throughout.

There will be mediums present that may be ridden by their guiding/helping spirits – in such cases, the medium’s voice/tone may change, their movements and personality may also change. Should this happen know that you are safe and no harm will be allowed to come to you. These spirits come in to clean, support or pass messages. The mediums that do this have years of experience in both calling in and banishing spirits.

Attendants will be cleaned spiritually when entering the space, and then cleaned again before leaving.

Space is limited to 10

Call the store to reserve your spot: 703-352-2343
Location: Sticks and Stones – 11037 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Entrance Fee: $35

Captain Anonymous

I started writing again, after MANY years of getting caught up in other stuff. Dipped a toe back into fanfiction to see how it went. I’m really pleased with the results, and am actually thinking of writing a romantic comedy novel now.

It began with an accidental dick punch: A Love Story

A ‘meet ouch’, if you will.

During the course of a disastrous blind date, Callisto ends up running into – literally, Chris Evans – having no idea who he actually is. Who knew accidentally clocking a guy you’ve never met in the balls would have such a positive outcome?