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Personal Spiritual Agency

If you really wish to delve into the realm of spirits, it is Essential that you understand that your own bloodline is your best spiritual line of defense. You may have already heard this before. You may have heard it more times than you care to count.

It Is In Every Way True.

I’ve spoken and worked with clients who have experienced everything from hearing scary laughter and voices up to being bruised, scratched or almost pushed down the stairs by invisible forces.

Every single time, my first words are, “What is your relationship with your Ancestors?”

The next thing out of my mouth is usually, “You need to establish a relationship with them before you do anything else. Don’t call mediums, don’t call a priest, don’t call a paranormal investigative team. CALL YOUR ANCESTORS.”

If you don’t have a solid foundation with your Ancestors, it will almost assuredly make any uncomfortable paranormal issues that you’re experiencing linger on for far too long, if not actively making the situation worse.

Before I choose to investigate a client’s house, if they’re not already doing so, I always urge them to set up a special, sacred place for those relatives of theirs who have passed, to pay respects to them – a candle, a glass of water, pictures of those who have crossed – you can start really simple. The very act of reaching out and Remembering is HUGE. Actively TALK to them aloud when standing in front of this place of remembrance when you can. Explain to them what’s happening in your life, tell them about your day – your joys, your frustrations – this will help to bring them closer to you, so they can work with you to protect you spiritually.

The second thing – and this is Really Important to remember: You’ve got to Let Go of the Fear.

You have something in your house that’s knocking stuff over, opening and closing doors and doing other uncomfortable and perhaps a little scary stuff? Try to shrug it off. Honestly. The human mind can concoct any number of little horrors to torment you with, especially when you’re all alone and it’s dark outside. There are plenty of spirits who are more than happy to take that and run with it, if you let your fear run wild.

Re-Direct – find something that will pull you out of that fear, and then talk to your Ancestors about what’s happening. Ask for their intervention.

THIS is your Spiritual Agency, an account of your capacity for individualized choice and action. Don’t go giving it to others before trying to solve the issue yourself first. After all, if you invite others in, and they’re able to remove/belay the disturbance – what happens when they leave? When that external agency is gone?

Be strong. Stand on the shoulders of those who came before you, and they will Hold You UP.