It’s been a very… enlightening, painful and educational time, this past month and a half.

A great deal has happened, socially, emotionally and spiritually. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.

The culmination of all of this is a clarity that I haven’t yet before experienced. It’s stripped away a lot of stuff that I was holding onto, as well as opening my eyes to a rather unexpected amount of things that I now can’t unsee/unfeel.

I have endured my gauntlet and I remain intact, but still recovering.

And all the work that I’ve done? Turns out, that was just finding my footing and learning about the real work that lies ahead.

It’s daunting, but doable, and I GOT THIS SHIT.

I just also need Ibuprofin.

May your realizations and your sense of awareness come as you need it – and hopefully not with the force of an adamantium hammer. May your connections to that which you consider divine or spiritual comfort you throughout this time as those of us in the work buckle down, reflect and readjust.

2014 has been a proper, ball busting bitch. May Fall and the coming Winter go gently on you.

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