Monthly Archives: November 2014

May everyone have a family – either blood or by association, that they can spend the holidays with. May you all be kept in the grace and love of the world and may you always have enough to eat. May your lives be full of things to be thankful for every day.


A couple of weeks ago, at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, I saw this lady with this completely fantastic hat. It was fringed with what looked like lamb fur, with a couple of segments going up the hat that opened at the crown to let her dreads flow out.

It looked COMPLETELY fantastic. Sadly, she said that she had purchased it years ago from a vendor at another faire. I was despondent – UNTIL, I realize that I could probably make one myself.

So I did.

Here is the closest approximation to the hat that I saw. I think it turned out QUITE well, given that I had no pattern to work with and the fact that I just started cutting and fitting things together. It’s a combination of lambskin/fur and teal deerhide with a very fluffy, soft teal lining.

Initial pictures are of the hat itself:



Then me simply wearing the hat:

leatherdreadhat2 leatherdreadhat1actionpose2 – and then we finally progresses into action poses with me in the hat.actionpose1

So, today, while shopping at the HEB, we encountered a checkout clerk that looked like he was about 17 or 18 years old. During the course of our checkout interaction, he mentioned something about the shopping carts – and how his manager had informed him that the plastic carts were more expensive for the shopping purchaser to buy than the metal carts. He then proceeded to the ‘money shot’ portion of the conversation – apparently, the manager told this kid that each metal shopping cart – EACH ONE is $3000. And, apparently, the plastic carts are $2000 more expensive.

The kid was ADAMANT that these were the correct prices.

I’m still laughing.

It’s been a very… enlightening, painful and educational time, this past month and a half.

A great deal has happened, socially, emotionally and spiritually. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.

The culmination of all of this is a clarity that I haven’t yet before experienced. It’s stripped away a lot of stuff that I was holding onto, as well as opening my eyes to a rather unexpected amount of things that I now can’t unsee/unfeel.

I have endured my gauntlet and I remain intact, but still recovering.

And all the work that I’ve done? Turns out, that was just finding my footing and learning about the real work that lies ahead.

It’s daunting, but doable, and I GOT THIS SHIT.

I just also need Ibuprofin.

May your realizations and your sense of awareness come as you need it – and hopefully not with the force of an adamantium hammer. May your connections to that which you consider divine or spiritual comfort you throughout this time as those of us in the work buckle down, reflect and readjust.

2014 has been a proper, ball busting bitch. May Fall and the coming Winter go gently on you.