WARRENOLOGY – the Event Report

Here’s the report from the Warrenology event I attended friday night:

Billed on the website as: an intimate evening that propels you into the mysterious, sometimes terrifying realm of the supernatural and preternatural. An evening shared with world renowned psychic researcher, Lorraine Warren and psychic researcher and son-in-law to the Warrens, Tony Spera. – I chose to attend this past friday.

The event happens at Lorraine’s house, which has decent parking for the event, given the location, which surprised me.
I wasn’t really sure what to expect in the way of attendance, and was really hoping for a smaller group. I believe about 35 to 40 people actually showed up, cramping Lorraine’s living room. Tony Spera, the very gregarious and funny speaking host for most of the evening, explained that Lorraine used to have these sessions at her place once a month, or once every couple of months, due to low attendance.
Once The Conjuring came out, however, they were quickly flooded with requests for visits, and the weekly events are now barely keeping up with demand. Tony explained that they’d probably be able to do an event a night with the same amount of attendance, but Lorraine is in her late 80’s and I think that’d be pushing her a bit too far physically.
Lorraine has a really lovely home, and is quite charming and sweet in person. She and Tony have a very lighthearted, entertaining banter as well, which is fun.
She seemed really happy to see everybody, and spoke for a few moments about a couple of cases (one in particular that featured two girls, one that could seemingly teleport and travel astrally in such a way that she could be seen by Lorraine across a street, even when she was known to be in her own house, miles away), but the first portion of the night was filled with listening to Tony speak about the Warrens, with a few brief details about some of their cases, and watching three videos – the first of which seemed to be a brief portion from an episode about the The Warren Occult Museum that had aired previously on the Travel Channel.
The next video was a portion of an exorcism of a man that we were told had a spirit in him that at times would make him weep tears of blood. Blood would also drip from his ears, nose and mouth. During the video, you could see a couple of cross formations appearing and disappearing on his skin, and you could see him drooling a little. The drool seemed to become darker, staining the guy’s shirt as it dripped down, and his voice changed tone when the spirit was in him addressing the priest.
I wish there had been more of this particular video, honestly.
The last video was a tour of the The Warren Occult Museum that was recorded back in 2006, where Tony Spera and a film crew followed Ed around as he pointed out items in the museum and explained the cases/events behind their inclusion in the musem.
I seem to remember that around 8:15pm or so, we were then directed to visit The Warren Occult Museum in the basement of Lorraine’s home.
This is where I get really uncomfortable about this report. Lorraine and Tony and the rest of the crew were VERY nice, but… in my mind, if you have a room full of objects that you’re told not to touch (Specifically because they house DEMONS that can follow you home and subsequently haunt our possess you), you don’t then have a rather large group of people cluster in the room where they actively bump against some of said items – being unable to help doing so due to space consideration issues.
It was a tweak point with me. The museum is downright schlocky and low lit (which, while entertaining, seemed somewhat disrespectful to the power of the items themselves to me), and a sound system had the soundtrack from Insidious playing as we walked through. Well, stood around, really. It seemed to take awhile for people to file through, taking pictures, and I had to keep shifting from foot to foot to keep the ache of standing from getting too bad.
Honestly, the museum itself would have been more effective for me personally if all the items were behind glass or something, and well lit. I don’t need all the theatrics, and they’re actually distracting. But that’s me, and I get that the rest of the museum-going public has far different views than I do.
The tweak of all this was that we were repeatedly told that people had mocked Annabelle, the ENORMOUS Raggedy Ann doll in a case in a prominent position in the room (seriously – the thing is frelling HUGE. Pictures don’t do it justice), and they’d either died or encountered other grave misfortunes. The room is quite literally PACKED with items, and it’s really hard to tell if every single one of them is cursed somehow (I REALLY wanted to hear the story behind the black velvet Frank Frazetta Death Dealer picture and the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals) or if there were cursed items thrown in with other things for decoration.
I get that Ed and Lorraine had been doing this for a really long time, and that they could all be considered cursed, but it just felt… off.
As we exited the museum, people were gathered around Tony Spera, who was both discussing cases and again stating that anything not directly of God Almighty was Demonic in origin.
It was really hammered home over and over that anything that wasn’t Christian was EEEEEVIL, which – while not really surprising given what I’ve read in the Demonology book of Ed’s, was still a little irksome to hear over and over.
After this, everybody drove over to the cemetery where Ed Warren was laid to rest.
Lorraine had a gorgeous headstone and plot arranged for him, and it was all very respectful and loving. Tony Spera’s talk about Ed and Lorraine’s relationship was very sweet. He also gave a few details on how to pick up EVP’s and capture spirit images before we then headed over to an Italian restaurant down the road. The dinner provided with the night was surprisingly good, and throughout people could go up to Lorraine and speak with her, once she’d finished her meal.
I met several really fantastic people at the gathering, and had great conversations while we waited for the crowd to die down so that we could speak with Lorraine and get pictures taken.
Poor Lorraine looked exhausted by the time we came up to her – the restaurant had pretty much cleared out at this point, and it was around 11:15pm. I quickly thanked her for the work she and Ed had done, got a picture with her and then headed out. I didn’t want to take up too much more of her time.
All in all, I’m really glad I went. If you’re at all into this sort of thing, I highly recommend it.
Just don’t say ANYTHING about your personal path if you’re not of the Christian persuasion. I got the feeling that it would’ve opened a HUGE can of uncomfortable worms, and I was really there to listen and take everything in, anyway.

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