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Paranormal Investigation Case Files – 005 – The Organ Donor Who Wouldn’t Let Go

Sunday, June 1st 2014
 Investigators: Ahmadi Riverwolf and Jhada Addams
Client had a liver transplant several years ago. 5 days after the transplant, she reported feeling a reassuring hand on her shoulder after a family member passed. Client felt certain that the hand was from the spirit of the person that had been the organ donor.

According to the client, approximately six months ago, she became very ill and stated that she never really felt alone – and that this feeling was unsettling. Every once in a while she stated that she would see a tall, large white guy with black hair. She was fairly certain that it was the donor.

At some point during this time, something spoke to her in a man’s voice, stating, “You have something that belongs to me, and I want it back.” Over time, the voice became more aggressive, and actively started possessing her. She stated that she would wake up with bruises and scratches, not knowing where they’d come from.

She reported that it had come into her and struggled physically with her sons. She and her mother had been praying and trying to cleanse the house, but it didn’t really seem to help. She kept returning to the doctor because she felt that something was really wrong with the new liver, but when she shared her experience of the voices, but the only course of action the hospital staff had was to recommend a psychiatric evaluation.

At some point, she and her mother did a strong prayer/cleaning session, and both felt that they’d finally driven the spirit away. The client had been living with her mother at the time – but when moved back to her own house, she heard the man’s voice in her head: “You thought that you got rid of me, but I’m still here – and now it’s just you and me. We’re alone now.”

She then heard laughter.

After Ahmadi and I conducted a phone interview with the client, we then set up a time to visit her several days later.

When we arrived, we had her again go through everything she’d previously told us, and then started telling her some of the things that she could do to strengthen her connection to her own Ancestors. During this talk, we learned that she had felt that she’d been called to be a healer at a very young age, but because she was uncomfortable with the idea, she ran from it – not engaging the path. From time to time, she said she’d been given very strong proof that she was able to do very strong healing, but she kept turning from the ability.

The client also notified us that she’d discovered that the organ donor had not elected to do so. His parents donated his body – apparently he hadn’t wanted his organs donated.

We tried a variety of things to try to elevate the spirit – singing various prayers (Eggun songs, Kaddish, etc), but nothing worked. The client, however, stated that while we were doing these things that her liver started feeling like it was ‘jumping’ inside her body.

Shortly after this, the spirit itself came to the forefront, and we started engaging it – trying to get it to listen to reason. We explained that, surely she wasn’t the only recipient of his body’s generosity. Why did he choose to stay in her? It would speak in English, then hiss in another language that neither of us could decipher.

At some point, Ahmadi went out to the car and brought in our Nkisi dogs, putting them on either side of the client to stand guard.

We learned through an extended conversation with the spirit, when it would deign to speak to us in English, that he had every intention of staying, because he wanted to keep hurting her and causing issues for her. “I want her to suffer like I did.”

We gave the spirit every opportunity to depart, but it was dead set against staying, continuing to harm and scare the client. This was not an acceptable outcome in our minds.

I collected the trap that we’ve been using for the last couple of cases and approached the client, and the spirit fought back. It took both myself and Ahmadi to wrestle with this woman – even though she looked to be about 110 pounds. We should have easily been able to hold her down, but the spirit kept fighting, shooting us malevolent looks.

It finally settled down, and we regrouped, trying another tactic.

It kept asking, “Who sent you?” which seemed fairly interesting. It also really seemed to want to know the name of the daughter, and kept asking us for the client’s daughter’s name. (We found it odd that it knew the names of the client’s sons, but didn’t know the daughter’s name – of course, we didn’t give the name to the spirit.)

It basically squatted in her, doing its best to antagonize and distract us while we worked – but it stayed seated on the couch glaring at us the entire time.

While Ahmadi distracted it with conversation, I started the process of opening myself up to it. The key was to make me look like a more appealing host. I’m twice the woman’s size, can take a fair amount of damage and am a big, solid female, as well as having been a horse for spirit since I was 17 years old. Throughout, I worked on seducing him, telling him that surely he’d rather be in a big, heavy hittin’ bitch as opposed to a sick woman that desperately wanted to be rid of him.

It took longer than usual to draw him out, but once I felt him mostly seated, I started pulling the rest of him out of the client, letting him make himself at home. I could hear myself laughing and I stayed passive, letting him think he’d made his move and that he was in control. Letting him get overconfident was the last part of the trap.

Once I had him caught, I then pushed him into the physical trap, then covered the trap with the representations of one of The Aunts – my core guard of spirits that watches over me, advises and assists me.

I went and got a glass of water for the client while Ahmadi conducted a quick spiritual cleaning on her. The extrication took a fair amount of energy out of the client, and when I asked her how she felt, she said, “I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack Truck.”

She then stated that she felt better – lighter…and that she finally felt alone. We stayed with her for another half an hour, letting her know what she could to have her Ancestors help her with her healing abilities, as well as having them protect her from things like this happening again.

When we left, the client seemed in good spirits and definitely seemed to be feeling better.