Paranormal Investigation Case Files – 004 – New Philadelphia, PA – The Tulpa and the Boyfriend

Saturday, May 11th, 2014

Investigators: Ahmadi Riverwolf, Jim Achey, Silver Wolf(Donna), Kim Hayle and Jhada Addams

Client initially contacted Cressona Paranormal stating that problems had started when she and her boyfriend were digging in their back yard to put in an above-ground pool. Shortly afterwards, a mysterious, large swarm of black bugs started infesting her house – mostly gathering in the basement. A short time after that, her 3 year old grand-daughter went swimming in the pool, experiencing a catatonic epsisode when she got out (the girl was non-verbal for about 10 minutes and had to be taken to the hospital – where nothing was found wrong with the child). According to the client’s recollection, the girl’s skin was cold to the touch. Even in full sunlight, the pool has stayed ice cold.

Soon after this, the client’s boyfriend started to behave erratically. There was a dramatic change in his temperament, and he began becoming abusive toward the client – first verbally, then physically. (Ahmadi verified that the client’s boyfriend had not recently experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury, which could have clinically explained some of this had there been TBI) He would also wander down into the basement and stand in the corner, where the client would find him talking to somebody, but there was nobody down there that she could see.

Directly across from the house is an old Bordello/Funeral Home/Dancehall that had been abandoned long ago. The boyfriend had apparently been sneaking into the abandoned structure and taking items out that he then either sold, or brought into the house.

The client had been feeling uncomfortable in the house for quite some time. She stated that the living room never got warm and was never a room that she wanted to spend much time in, although she had lived in the house for a number of years. She was unable to sleep in the house (she hadn’t been sleeping at the house for a couple of weeks before our arrival). Her dogs were acting erratically – they were always trying to stay in the back yard and would stay there. She would have to go out to physically collect her older dog to actually get him to come back inside.

The client kept hearing disembodied voices in the basement that called her a ‘slut’ and a ‘whore’ whenever she went down there to do laundry.

On the first visit to the client’s house, various members of the team felt chilled. It was verified at that time that the air conditioning was not on, and it was not that cold outside. One of the team members in particular, Donna, was so cold that her teeth were actually chattering – and she experienced a sense of nausea in the living room. When the team headed into the basement, Donna’s nausea got a little worse and also Ahmadi started experiencing it. I actually started getting a bit of it as well. Another member of the team, Kim, upon leaving the house, was surprised to find that she had picked the skin around her fingernails raw.

In the basement, Ahmadi saw the apparition of a large hairy male that kept calling her ‘a bitch’ and kept demanding that she leave. Everybody on the team felt a palpable presence in the basement that made them uncomfortable.

The initial plan for the evening had been to head out to Slatington, PA to investigate reports that a separate client was making about paranormal phenomena in her residence – but when we arrived (after a 3 hour drive) she stated that she had the flu, and wanted to reschedule. She had not called anybody on the team to tell us about this beforehand.

The other members of the team – Jim, Donna and Kim – were already on their way to Slatington, so Ahmadi called them, asking if we could perhaps get access to the house in New Philadelphia, PA. After a few minutes, we received a call back – we were good to go, so we got back on the road.

45 minutes later, we arrived at the New Philadelphia, PA investigation location. The client seemed understandably uncomfortable (and really – who wouldn’t be? Odd things are happening that she couldn’t really explain, and she’s reached out to five strangers to allow them into her house to see if anything paranormal is going on. It takes a HUGE amount of bravery to do that.)

We spoke with the client for a few minutes, then Ahmadi and myself felt ourselves being drawn downstairs. Jim, Ahmadi and I went down to check things out, and I was immediately drawn to the right corner of the basement. There was a wiring panel with bare wire exposed, which could possibly account for the feelings of anxiousness or ‘bad feelings’ the client had experienced previously, but Jim stated that the EMF Meter didn’t start lighting up until we started engaging the presence in the corner.

At first, the entity started cursing and being generally unpleasant, to both myself and Ahmadi. After extended interaction with it, I summised that it was something that had been called to the area by kids that were dabbling without actually knowing what they were doing. At the time, I had not yet been made aware of the fact that the client had previously reported to the team that there were ‘strange people doing strange things’ in the house next door. The entity had been wandering since then, trying to find anybody in the area that would listen to what it had to say. It was pissed that it’s receptive target, the boyfriend, was no longer in the house (the client had demanded his removal a short time ago). There was nobody left for it to influence, as the client was unreceptive.

After trying to coax it to leave, I relented and we headed up stairs. I needed to regroup to figure out how to deal with the thing in the basement.

Upstairs, in the client’s bedroom – I was overcome with the very strong need to kneel at the foot of the bed, my arms raised in prayer, so I knelt. I felt the spirit of a very strongly religious woman, and Ahmadi kept seeing a woman pacing around the room, wringing her hands. In a previous visit, Ahmadi had seen the same apparition standing behind the client. It’s our belief that this spirit was doing its best to stand between the client and her grand-daughter, protecting them from the entity in the basement.

A hymn kept repeating in my head, so I started singing it, and the energy of the room lifted. The woman seemed a relieved. Several prayers were then said, which further lightened the feel of the room. There was then the image of fresh flowers in my mind, and I realized that she was asking for fresh flowers to be set out for her, out of respect, and to help give her strength.

Ahmadi sprinkled the client’s bed with Florida Water and Holy Water. Kim and Donna then mentioned that, while they were in the client’s bedroom earlier, setting up an EVP recorder. When they asked, “Do you have anything to say?”, a picture of the client’s grand-daughter fell away from a music box that then started playing on its own.

Jim, Ahmadi and myself then headed back down into the basement. After a few more unsuccessful attempts at convincing the entity to leave of its own accord, I decided to trap it so that we could effectively remove it from the house. I was pretty sure that if we simply left that it would turn its ire on the client, and we didn’t want that.

Ahmadi went outside to the car to gather supplies, then came downstairs and started setting up while I kept the entity’s focus on me. Once everything was set, I directed her to stand behind me (since the last time I’d gotten knocked on my ass when I did this), and then asked Jim to turn the light off.

Once the basement was dark, the entity accepted my invitation to enter, throwing me back against Ahmadi. I remember starting to laugh, which then started getting dark and nasty – on the edge of hysterical. I screamed myself damn near raw as I pitched forward onto my knees and forced the energy down into the trap. I handed the trap to Ahmadi and she locked it down. Apparently, I’d hit the floor rather hard, and I still have a bruse/raw spot on my right knee.

With that taken care of, we set to brightening the energy in the house. Ahmadi burned Florida Water and some of Sam’s Flaming Sword of Michael oil. Shortly after that, nobody was cold anymore. The energy in the house felt much better.

The client had apparently left at some point during our investigation, stating that she was too uncomfortable to stay. I was actually grateful, because I think that we have only freaked her out, and she didn’t need any more strangeness going on.

Once finished, we gave her a call and let her know that we were done, then did our best to reassure her that what was in her house was now gone.

After that, we did a quick tour through the abandoned Bordello/Funeral Home/Dancehall. There was no sense of menace or darkness – just a few spirits that missed music, so I sang a few songs for them and did what I could for them so that they could move on.

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