YEARS ago, I was once on a local cable access TV show in Fairfax for ‘Friday Night Date – the somewhat racy bondage episode’. (or, at least I seem to remember it being called Friday Night Date)

I can’t remember exactly when this was, but I remember going with two friends that I had met through the local BDSM gatherings at The Edge down in Southeast DC back in the early/mid 90’s. I used to DJ for the events there and help out with general set up, tear down and cleanup. Oddly enough, this club was also attached to the club that I used to strip at back ’round that time as well.

I was still very much a scene neophyte at the time and got all tricked out in black leather and combat boots, with a little Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS hat, and walked out with this very sexy girl on a leash who played it up for the camera. I remember getting more than a little toppy and aggressive with her (she was just the kind of girl that brought that out in people, I guess), apparently to the point where it made her boyfriend uncomfortable. He took her home as soon as he could shortly thereafter.

’twas a shame. She wanted to stay and play and was *not* happy to go.

The Friday Night Date folks were fairly normal looking, and I think I remember us having to ‘bondage them up’, to their dismay.

Throughout the program, every once in a while one of my friends would explain the whole BDSM thing – nuances, style, technique, etc (safe, sane, consentual) while the two vanilla date-ees just looked perplexed and tried on their ‘bondage personas’ which ended up coming off as nervous and out of sorts. Whether these two enterprising individuals later went on to establish happy-go-lucky sexual deviancy of their very own is unknown. Stranger things have happened, Pandora’s Box being what it is and all.

I almost wish I could track down a taping of it. But, then again I hate to watch myself on camera. I’m sure I’d be embarassed as all hell at how campy it all must have appeared.

Ah, memories.

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