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Paranormal Case Files – 003 – The Playful Child, the Guardian Squiggle and The Dark that Eats

1I’m a medium with Cressona Paranormal in Pennsylvania. I tend to accompany them on the cases where people are actually being injured or other paranormal activity is occurring.

This is one of the cases I worked a few years ago.

Case Files – 003 – Grantville, PA – INVESTIGATION REPORT
The Playful Child, the Guardian Squiggle and The Dark that Eats
Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Client initially contacted Cressona Paranormal stating there was a 7 month old baby the was repeatedly waking with night terrors. They stated that it was always difficult to get the child back to sleep after this happened. The client stated that it seemed to them that the baby was scared of being in her own bed. This only seemed to happen in their house. When the baby slept in the residences of other family members, the child slept with no issues.

The client’s boyfriend also had a 7 year old daughter, but nothing seemed to be engaging the daughter at all.

The client felt as though she’d had something around her all of her life that followed her to wherever she moved to, and she was afraid that it was affecting the child.

Ahmadi made an appointment with the client for an investigation on Saturday, April 5th, 2014.

Shortly after Ahmadi and I arrived at the house, I encountered what I can only describe as a weird squiggle. It appeared as a squiggle of lines that kept moving in a jittering, frenetic pattern, confused and deformed. It followed us into the house and stayed at the edge of my peripheral vision. As we started speaking with the clients, the spirit of a very boisterous and playful child started trying desperately to get my attention so that I would play with him. I got the very strong feeling that he wanted to play with the infant as well, but since the infant was too young to engage, I figured that it may be likely that this child spirit might be the source of the infant’s disturbed sleep.

We briefly wondered then, why the child spirit didn’t then try to play with the 7 year old instead of the infant. We even queried as to whether the 7 year old might have an invisible friend, to which the clients responded that she did not, to their knowledge.

The client claimed that she and her boyfriend felt a presence that always seemed to be watching them. She stated that it hadn’t always felt threatening, but it always felt angry. Initially, the boyfriend was skeptical, but then he started seeing shapes and shadows move, and began experiencing a feeling of dread in the bathroom near the infant’s room. The client admitted that she sometimes didn’t want to come home, because she’d be fine until she entered the house, then would find herself immediately irritated or angry. She explained the anger as irrational, and that nothing in particular really caused it.

At some point before the client contacted us, the boyfriend engaged the presence, telling it to get out – that this was his house. He then found himself waking up with mysterious scratches on his arms that would disappear within the same day. It was always three scratch marks, and they would appear either on his chest, his arms or the back of his hand.

The client also mentioned seeing a shadowy shape hovering over their bed at night, and she and her boyfriend were starting to have nightmares.

The level of activity appeared to increase after the boyfriend’s confrontation. The client and her boyfriend explained that the energy in the room would inexplicably shift and they’d both get completely agitated or angry for no apparent reason. The boyfriend mentioned something about somebody – a friend of theirs, having suicidal thoughts while they were in the bathroom by the infant’s room.

The client and her boyfriend further explained that it was as though they were being incited to anger or rage by something external. When this would happen, they would take steps to light candles, say prayers and smudge the house – but the incidents kept escalating. In an attempt to try to figure out what was causing this, they decided to reach out to Cressona Paranormal, hoping that we would find nothing supernatural happening.

While we were discussing all this with the client and her boyfriend in their living room, Ahmadi started feeling nauseous and began feeling an oppressive pressure. Five minutes after it started, I started feeling it as well.

At that point, I asked the client if it was ok that I go into the back bathroom and infant’s room. After receiving permission, I wandered into the bathroom, and although it and the back hallway were dark due to there being no sources of light on, it seemed a little darker than than it should. I heard growling, and felt something external seeking to ‘press into’ me, trying to kick in a flight or fight response. I acknowledged the feeling, then turned it off and started exploring what was trying to do this.

I’ve experienced other incidents where parts of my physique almost start to metaphysically shift to match the form of the presence that’s trying to enter, and in this case I could feel my jaw growing bigger, my teeth lengthening and getting larger. I started drooling, and my posture changed and I began stooping over.

Intrigued, I then shook off the presence and decided to head to the infant’s room. I looked over to see a rocking chair, and for some reason it seemed really sinister. I could see the echo of a large, dark shape slowly rocking in it and watching the baby while it slept. When I stood over the crib, I started growling, and got the very strong impression that the entity that came in here did so to eat. It kept wondering where the baby had gone. (the client’s children were not present for this visit)

I took a few more minutes just getting the feel of the energy. At this point, Ahmadi had come into the room and I told her to go get the Metaphysical Crash Pack. I came out of the room and explained to the client, “The child comes to play. The squiggle tries to protect. The Dark comes to eat.”

The boyfriend started nodding. This apparently confirmed what he thought was happening – that something wanted the energy of the infant or was doing something to hurt her. When we asked if the child’s health was being affected, we were told that she’d had mysterious ailments – moreso than normal for an infant.

I had the distinct feeling that the infant’s reaction was to the entity actually feeding off it.

While we continued talking with the client, I asked if Ahmadi had any spirit traps. She hadn’t brought any pre-prepared, so she constructed one. I had a very strong feeling that the entity wouldn’t want to leave.

After the trap was ready to use, we went back into the infant’s room. I felt a need to sit in the rocking chair, so I did. I rocked back and forth for a few minutes, working to get in tune with the presence, again feeling my features shift. At first, I tried to parlay with the spirit, trying to coax it into leaving of its own accord. It became very clear after a few minutes that it intended to go nowhere.

It explained that somebody in the boyfriend’s past lineage had either made a deal or pact with it, or had somehow wronged it, and now this particular infant was restitution or payment. It had no desire to leave or to stop doing what it was doing.

I tried explaining that the boyfriend was human, and therefore linear, and that he would have no knowledge of the pact, and that it could not possibly be binding to him. The entity essentially said, “That’s not my problem. I come for only what I am due.”

Here, Ahmadi explains what she experienced during this exchange:

You were sitting in the rocking chair and I was sitting below you smoking a cigar and waiting with the sigil trap for something to happen. As I waited I saw different physical shifts in your posture and demeanor. You were growling and drooling, and metaphysically – at one point, your eyes glowed red while you were looking at the crib.

I waited for a signal from you to know when to activate the spirit sigil trap, but no cue was given. As I was sitting there, watching you, I heard the boyfriend say, “It’s laughing at them.”

Soon after, you got up and asked, “Where is he?”

I remember hearing the boyfriend say “It’s laughing at them.” and then shortly thereafter, he started hissing out curses, then saying something that sounded like, “I want them out of this house. I don’t want them here.” His voice didn’t sound right.

While Ahmadi says that she didn’t hear this, I could hear the client reacting to what her boyfriend was saying.

It was clear at this point, that the entity wasn’t going to engage me further, and I had the distinct feeling that it was starting to breech the psyche of the boyfriend, who was about 6′ 3″ and towered over both of us. I knew that if I didn’t act fast, things would get really ugly. I had to catch it before it could fully embed and possibly cause us actual physical harm.

We found the boyfriend in the couple’s bedroom, and I remember him looking both dazed and furious.

Ahmadi says, “I saw you come up to him, reach up and grab him by the head and force his head down to yours. Your foreheads met, and it looked as though you were trying to kick the energy out of him so that it would redirect to you. You then snarled. It released him, came into you, and you fell backwards, then you screamed.”

I remember going up to the boyfriend, grabbing him around the neck and forcing his head down to meet mine. I damn near headbutted him. I’m surprised that I don’t have a bruise this morning. He growled, and I remember snarling back, then pulling him down and forcefully pulling the energy from him into me. Overwhelmed for a brief moment, I fell back, cracking into the door and ended up on the floor. I then remembered the trap in my hand and screamed as I forced the energy out of me into it, then stabbed a quarz crystal ritual dagger down onto the trap, then handed it to Ahmadi and told her to quickly wrap it up and bind it.

She left the room and the boyfriend seemed to sag, then sat heavily back down on the bed. When I looked up, he was dazed. I asked him how he was doing, and he replied that he felt MUCH better, and that he no longer felt angry and irritated.

After he sat for a few minutes, I asked him if he’d be up to checking out the bathroom and the baby’s room again, to see if the energy had changed. He said that he was, and after we did a check of both rooms, he said that things felt a great deal lighter. He didn’t get the same overly oppressive feeling in the bathroom that he had before we’d arrived.

We then did a run through the house with Polyphanes’ Banishing ‘Tear Gas’ – which is a truly nauseating concoction of all things designed to smell awful. It does, however, work like a charm at actually banishing malignant energy.

Shortly after, Ahmadi came up with a mix of Florida Water and rum that she then burned in a stone pot to clean everything off and brighten the atmosphere in the house.

At some point during the earlier conversation with the client, she admitted that the cat never left her side. It didn’t like wandering throughout the house alone. The cat hadn’t left the room during the first part of our visit. It was cuddled up next to her for most of it.

When Ahmadi was going in and out of the house, while we were conducting the work, the cat tried to escape several times.

After we were done, the cat was going EVERYWHERE in the house, checking things out. Both the client and her boyfriend said that they could feel the the results of the work, that the house seemed calmer and lighter.

I explained to the client and her boyfriend that the squiggle felt like a fractured guardian spirit that was trying to watch over them, but again – was fragmented. It wasn’t strong enough to be able to intervene with the malignant entity. I didn’t feel any malignant energy from the child spirit either.

We gave them a quick run down on how to propitiate their ancestors/lineage, and that this would help keep the atmosphere of the house light and protected.

We also explained what to do if they started experiencing similar feelings of anger/frustration after we left, in case there was anything that might possibly be lingering. We provided them with a few supplies for this, and then headed out.


We received the following response from the client this morning (4.6.14):

“Slept like the dead. No pun intended. Nothing at all happened after you left last night.”

We’ll continue checking in with them over time to ensure that the work we’ve done has taken care of everything.

Musicmaker – 002

So, I’ve created a soundcloud page for the old music that I released a lifetime ago on cassette. Unfortunately, I only have access to Graven Images. The other albums have gotten lost in time.

Musicmaker – 001

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