Daily Archives: March 20, 2014

Happy Ostara. May the chill of winter recede and bring life, light and joy back into your heart. May 2014 finally get a clue and stop being so completely horrible to everyone.

May this be the year that you walk forward with grace, health, passion and beauty. May your joy shake the pillars of the world so that all who feel it gain peace and reassurance.

“You elect leaders that despise you; rob you of your freedom and dignity. You pollute and devour your Eden. You know beauty to be false, but you prostrate yourselves before it. You think to be a philistine is honest, to be educated is cunning.”

You find the lowest common denominator, and then you dig deeper.”

I was supposed to be the lesson. I was the warning. I was the villain. And you all became my tribute act.”

There is nothing I can do. Nothing in all the palaces of the imagination worse than what you do to each other. You’ve dragged the world to the brink of the abyss.”

Well done.” – Lucifer: Being Human (U.K. – NOT the crap US version)

I’m finding myself growing very tired of the word ‘hero’. Lately, anybody that goes out of their way to help a fellow human being in trouble is called a hero. If this wasn’t so damned rare, these people wouldn’t be called heroes, and we’d have a much less disfunctional society.