This weekend, on saturday afternoon I learned that you can effectively evade the police in Grand Theft Auto V if you drive it up one of the mountains at the edge of town, and just park it. Even with full lights and sirens going. It took a minute or two for the cops to finally give up the pursuit. Christopher R. Larson and I couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of it, which helped. It’s also alarming how many times I can roll cars down hills and have them land on their wheels, only to peel off back down the highway. Oh, if physics only actually worked like that.

Also, while I was out getting breakfast for myself, Grig Larson, Christopher R. Larson and Kai Pollock on sunday morning I pull into the parking lot with the stereo blaring Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. This guy that’s walking over from the gas station makes the \m/ sign at me, and grins. When I get out, he laughs and starts singing the rest of the song to me, then walks off, grinning. We’d both made each other’s day. LOVE moments like that.

Today, I’m… managing. Getting myself back in a headspace where I can get back to work and start being productive with things I’ve been wanting to do.

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