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Paranormal Investigative Case Files – 002 – CATAWISSA, PA – INVESTIGATION REPORT

Saturday, March 30th, 2014

Investigators: Jim Achey, Ahmadi Riverwolf and Jhada Addams

Ahmadi, Jim and I went out to Catawissa, PA to investigate a house in which a 4 year old boy had been drawing crosses everywhere in a certain section of the family’s living room. The boy had also been talking to a spirit that he called Roger. Disembodied apparitions were being seen around the house by the entire family.

The family contacted Cressona Paranormal because they were concerned, both because of the history of this house (which had just recently come to light), and the history in their previous house 6 months ago – in which the son – who was 3 at the time, had encountered a spirit that tormented him, saying that it wanted to take his eyes. In that instance, it ended up being the spirit of a 15 year old boy that had been killed in a car accident in the late 1950’s. (on a previous visit, Ahmadi Riverwolf helped the boy cross over, which stopped the issues, but the family had to move due to other, non-paranormal issues)

They were concerned that this spirit that their son was speaking with in the new house might be harmful, and since Cresssona Paranormal had helped them in the past, they hoped that we could help them again this time.

Turns out that the real estate agent didn’t tell them about the history of the house. Locals in the area had informed the family, shortly after they had moved in, that there had been a death in the house back in September of 2011. Roger Deghetto, 38, had been shot by police after holding his wife and mother at knife point. The area where Roger had been killed is where the boy kept drawing all the crosses on the wall.

Roger had been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic, and apparently had been a fairly unpleasant person while he was alive, from the account I’d heard.

Shortly after arriving and entering the house, I felt a strong desire to go upstairs. After walking through the bedrooms of the two boys, I ended up in the parents’ bedroom, and was drawn over to the window. I opened the curtains, just enough to peek out without anybody seeing me, and quickly scanned the street. I immediately started feeling nauseous and started getting a pounding headache. I was filled with this unreasonable, very nervous need to keep looking out the window, to keep ‘checking things’. (It was then explained to me that this used to be Roger’s room. It was where he’d go to when he had his rages, and that he apparently constantly looked out the window)

This was where we were to set up.

Ahmadi went out to the car to get the spiritual crash pack and Jim went down to ask if it was OK that we smoked cigars in the house, as I sat down and started to parley with the very agitated spirit in the room. He appeared to me as a frantic, harried old man, and he kept talking in fragmented sentences that were disjointed and really made no sense. It was mostly angry rantings about how he hated women, as well as racist tears that would spin him up into further anger.

He was particularly pissed that two women were in his room trying to talk to him, and said a great many unpleasant sexist things, which I promptly ignored. I tuned the words out and was able to connect with the actual emotion behind them, and found so much pain, anguish and suffering that it was almost overwhelming.

At first, I tried to identify with him, letting him see my own pain – the things I had gone through, but he kept convincing himself that I was bullshitting him – that I was somehow trying to trick him, or that I was going to capture and force medication into him, to make him ‘go away’ with chemicals.

He kept ranting about how he didn’t trust doctors, cops – well, pretty much anybody.

After a few swigs of rum (which I ‘shared’ with him) and a cigar, and repeated attempts at actually getting him to LISTEN to what I was trying to tell him – which, in my head is almost like taking multiple different turns through a maze to find out which pathway actually makes it out, I realized that I was going to have to shock or jar him to get him to stop winding himself up so that he could GET IT that I was honestly there to help.

Oddly enough, singing ‘It’s a Small World’ with my middle finger extended, did the trick. He had no idea what to do with that. It was enough to throw him out of his tirade. THEN he started listening. Well, after bitching at me for singing that awful song.

In past instances, when I’ve wanted to calm or quiet a spirit, I’ve sung songs to them that they’ve requested, and that was enough to get them to realize that they were tired of staying; of not being able to leave, and of everything staying the same. I kept searching around in my head for the song to sing, and ended up playing the Kawehi cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart Shaped Box’. He immediately stopped and shut up. As the song progressed, I was overcome with emotion and actually started crying tears that definitely weren’t mine. His emotion shook through me, and I just held space for him without casting judgement or saying anything.

I let him feel what he needed to feel.

All he’d ever wanted was for somebody to UNDERSTAND.

He was then ready to cross. At this point, his appearance changed, and he then looked to be in his late 30’s – the age at when he’d been killed. Through me, he knocked back a shot of rum, then said his goodbyes.

I encountered another spirit in the house, one that seems to enjoy appearing at different ages each time. It explained that it was there to watch the children, and I get the strong feeling that it had been doing what it could to keep the agitated spirit’s tirades muted, but it could only do so much. It chose to stay, to continue watching and protecting the boys. (It’s my assessment that the disembodied apparitions that the family were seeing were this spirit)

It didn’t take as long as I thought it would, so on the way home we ended up going through Centralia, PA and engaging and dealing with something nasty that was trying to ‘set up shop’ there, as it were.

All in all, it was a good night’s work. Jim will be going through the EVP recordings over the next few days to see if he was able to capture anything in the house during last night’s session.

Adventures in Modeling

So that nude photo shoot I did down in Palm Beach, Florida back in January?

I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Seriously, check out the rest of S. Jay Tomioka’s work. He’s fantastic.

Coyote. S. Jay Tomioka, 2014

© Coyote. S. Jay Tomioka, 2014

Happy Ostara. May the chill of winter recede and bring life, light and joy back into your heart. May 2014 finally get a clue and stop being so completely horrible to everyone.

May this be the year that you walk forward with grace, health, passion and beauty. May your joy shake the pillars of the world so that all who feel it gain peace and reassurance.

“You elect leaders that despise you; rob you of your freedom and dignity. You pollute and devour your Eden. You know beauty to be false, but you prostrate yourselves before it. You think to be a philistine is honest, to be educated is cunning.”

You find the lowest common denominator, and then you dig deeper.”

I was supposed to be the lesson. I was the warning. I was the villain. And you all became my tribute act.”

There is nothing I can do. Nothing in all the palaces of the imagination worse than what you do to each other. You’ve dragged the world to the brink of the abyss.”

Well done.” – Lucifer: Being Human (U.K. – NOT the crap US version)

I’m finding myself growing very tired of the word ‘hero’. Lately, anybody that goes out of their way to help a fellow human being in trouble is called a hero. If this wasn’t so damned rare, these people wouldn’t be called heroes, and we’d have a much less disfunctional society.

So, I’m going to the UK…

Looking at Google maps to see the route from Devizes to Glasgow, there sure is a lot of roadwork going on along the M5 and M6. 6 1/2 hours isn’t that bad, but since petrol is twice as expensive over there, it’d be QUITE pricey. The train there looks pricey as well. After talking with the friend I’m going over there to visit with, she’s suggested the bus – which takes about 8 hours(ish), which shouldn’t be too bad.

I may rent a car at some point to putter around Bath, but that remains to be seen.

Many plans are being made.


What a find! This is a 1000 year old coin from Sri Lanka depicting an ‘Octopus Man that I found at the gem show out at Dulles Expo Center.

1000 year old Mysterious Octopus Man Coin

1000 year old Mysterious Octopus Man Coin


This weekend, on saturday afternoon I learned that you can effectively evade the police in Grand Theft Auto V if you drive it up one of the mountains at the edge of town, and just park it. Even with full lights and sirens going. It took a minute or two for the cops to finally give up the pursuit. Christopher R. Larson and I couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of it, which helped. It’s also alarming how many times I can roll cars down hills and have them land on their wheels, only to peel off back down the highway. Oh, if physics only actually worked like that.

Also, while I was out getting breakfast for myself, Grig Larson, Christopher R. Larson and Kai Pollock on sunday morning I pull into the parking lot with the stereo blaring Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. This guy that’s walking over from the gas station makes the \m/ sign at me, and grins. When I get out, he laughs and starts singing the rest of the song to me, then walks off, grinning. We’d both made each other’s day. LOVE moments like that.

Today, I’m… managing. Getting myself back in a headspace where I can get back to work and start being productive with things I’ve been wanting to do.

Three new inked sigils and a touch up of the lip tattoo (each splashed liberally with Chamba before cleaning and moisturizing), and I’m ready to hit the rack.

I feel… a little better. The physical pain, coupled with purposeful sigils helped.

I’m currently choking on a handful of Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds.

Clearly, I should not have nuts in my mouth this early in the morning.