Monthly Archives: February 2014

I’m now finding myself in a rather surprising headspace where I’m starting to realize how closely my method of walking with Iwa Pele (Good Character) seems to be staying somewhat within the framework of Buddhism.

For the last year, I’ve been directly addressing questions of ego, and have come to a realization that, for me – in this moment – it’s not so much that I need to ‘let go’ of ego, as opposed to keeping the ego knee-jerk reaction drive everything that comes out of my mouth. I’m far from perfect at this, but strive in earnest to know and live my truth to the best of my ability, without judgement or fear.

Some days I’m better at this than others. Some days, I crash and burn and feel obliterated.

But every day I rise. Every day I get a little stronger.

I dearly thank all of you who have been with me throughout this journey. Each and every one of you has had something valuable to teach me, or to share with me, and I am forever grateful.

Dream Journal

Just woke from this fantastically weird dream where I was apparently running around assisting Sam and Dean Winchester as they hunted down something that I didn’t have a frame of reference for. At one point, we were all running preternaturally fast around this field, trying to corner this enormous canid demony thing – then, somehow both of them became trapped in a room and couldn’t get out. It was up to me to dispatch the thingie, and I just kept hearing Dean Winchester saying the word ‘CREMULIZE (pron: KREM-YOU-LIES) over and over.

I found the thingie, and said it, but apparently wasn’t saying it in the right spot on the property. I kept taking a few steps over to the right and saying it, then to the left. Each time, the boys would yell the word, and then I would say it, but no dice.

After what seemed like a suitably comedic amount of time, given the pacing of the show itself, the thingie was finally dealt with. It ended up looking like this tiny human torso with head attached, only bones, inside a small rubbery sack that I could only just fit my hand around.

Afterward, this really odd ‘advertisement’ of sorts popped up that said, “Aliens are just like Humans, but with different (the word is no longer coming to me now that I’m awake and typing this – I want to say ‘theme music’ or ‘maths’)’ and below this, there was a picture of a caucasian human male with sandy brown hair and unremarkable features, which the skin would slowly roll down and away from, exposing a Grey beneath.

The text provided examples of how aliens would try to infiltrate humanity, but couldn’t quite get it right – social expressions/statements/etc.

Funkiest dream I’ve had in a LONG time.


Yeah, now to try to get back to sleep.

WTF, brain. Where did Benedict Cumberbatch go? Oh, yeah – he, Matt Smith and Tom Hiddleston were featured earlier in the evening, trying to court me at a pub. In the end, we all started skipping down a cobblestone street singing ‘We’re Off to See the Wizard’ as we headed out to somebody’s place for a night of debauchery – but then it gets all foggy.

So far, Ragnarok is sunny, warm and mild. Way to go, Fenrir! 

Bring on the Midgard serpent!

And Loki, plz.


The other night, i had the most interesting, hilarious dream in which Benedict Cumberbatch played Cards Against Humanity with myself and a group of friends. He was RIDICULOUSLY good at it, and could make even the most nauseating and offensive combinations of winning cards sound smexy.

I love it when my head gives me dreams like this.

more please!