Daily Archives: January 18, 2014

A tattoo and Naked Time

So, yesterday afternoon, I went down to Whole Addiction Piercing and Tattoo down in Coral Springs, FL to get inked by my friend Michael Fish Fisher – who I knew back in my D.C. days. He relocated down here awhile ago and I wanted to get some ink from him while I was down here.

sixth pentacle of Mars tattooThis is the completely wonderful result. It’s on the back of my right calf, and it’s currently stinging and swelling, but still looks gorgeous. I’m VERY happy with the piece. Fish did a fantastic job.

Then, I drove up to Palm Beach to hang out and model for a nude photo shoot. The pictures turned out great, and I can’t wait to see how the finished result turns out.

I spent the night at their place, out in Matilda (because it’s the best bed in town 🙂 ), and then headed up to Deltona, FL for the Tomokoa gem and mineral show, where I found the perfect black opal for a piece a friend is working on for me, a nice collection of silver charms and a gorgeous piece of Larimar that looks like blue waves lapping at a dark shoreline.

All in all, great day!

Now, EXHAUSTED, I’m crashing out for the night in a KOA.