I really do have the wierdest dreams:

Sometime, during the week of Nov 18 – Nov 22 – as I started descending into illness last Monday night, I had a dream where this odd, purple-ish round Heads Up Display kinda hovered at the corner just inside my field of vision. There were buttons on the disc that I could select, but I started turning the HUD image around to check it out, and before I could choose any of them, it went away. Once it had gone, I was left with the distinct feeling that the controls were something I could tweak that would change my feelings, or my circumstances, almost like setting cheat codes for life – but I couldn’t understand how to work the controls.

Then, throughout my entire sleep cycle last night, I was CERTAIN that there was this one mathematical task that I needed to figure out – or something similar – a really important puzzle to suss out. I also kept feeling this STRONG urge to have my feet covered for some wierd ass reason. I’d keep getting up to use the bathroom, then by the time I was tucking myself back in, I would remind myself – “Oh, yeah. I REALLY need to do that thing/figure that thing that I was thinking about out.” But then my head would explain that it was just a dream, and I remember feeling relieved that I wouldn’t have do/figure out whatever thing was rolling around in my dream.

Then – at one point, I ended up in this room where people were assembling things with differently colored blocks of what looked like Floam (a water-soluble molding material made from polystyrene beads that is REALLY funky and fun to squeeze and mold). It was like people were putting these large, weird doughy pieces of the United States together, state by state while floating around in zero gravity. I was able to bounce up into the field and fly around a little, but I don’t remember if I helped out in any way or just screwed around going ‘WHEE! ZERO G!’.

I also seem to remember that Channing Tatum was there, because HELLO Freud “Psyche wants happy button pushed” and apparently Mr. Tatum was tonight’s ‘Sexy Wierd Inexplicable Dream Cameo’ – but he just jumped into the air and started helping the others assemble everything.

The assembly itself seemed to be important, but people were grinning and laughing as they went about it. It was more joy than goofing off.

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