Good Friday the 13thThis is the infamous shirt silkscreen design that my brother came up when we were teenagers. He was able to find the design in one of his sketchbooks earlied tonight.

I had a copy of the shirt years ago, but lost it 

I’m fairly certain that I’ve told the story of the evolution of this particular image in the past, but for those who haven’t yet heard it – here goes:

YEARS ago, while I’m watching TV on Good Friday, this old commercial starts with the words GOOD FRIDAY in huge lettering. Animated blood starts dripping down the letters, and the words ‘Was a TERRIBLE day’ follow. Now, to my pointy little sixteen year old head – this automatically then goes to ‘Good Friday – THE 13th!’. My brother says he’s certain that I came up with the concept, but as he so eloquently stated, “I drew the SHIT out of it.”

And yes. Yes he did.

As I remember it, he would draw things, and I – like a raving corvid, leapt around going, “Oh my god, add this! Now this!” We were cackling and giggling the entire time.

When we showed it to our mother, she calmly told us, “You’re both going to hell.” We then laughed our asses off.

And the fact that he was able to find this just made my entire night 

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