Last night featured a rather detailed dream in which I became a horse owner, for some mysterious reason. I was walking around an open air market, searching for yummies for my horse, and asking people what were the best things to feed it. I found a few things that the horse REALLY liked, and that were apparently really good for it. I would pet the horse, and it would nudge me, then go off to hang out with the other horses that happened to be casually strolling around the market.

During this entire episode, I was thinking to myself, “How the HELL am I going to afford a HORSE? Where on earth will I PUT it??” But, apparently, the horse was a necessary item for some reason. It was also very friendly and seemed to like me very much.

This then somehow devolved into a dream with zombies, with absolutely no segueway. I was running with a group of people, striving to escape the hungry zombie hoarde. OF COURSE there was an ‘adorable’, helpless and utterly USELESS child that we had to cart around to ‘save’, which was irritating in and of itself. We suddenly happened upon a boat. We took the boat out to a large house on an island with steep sides, and I turned back to the shoreline to watch this teeming mass of rotting bodies walking into the surf, their heads just going ‘BLOOP’ beneath the surface of the waves.

Somehow, we are able to get into the house, which is absolutely filled to the brim with affluential types that honestly have no idea that the zombie apocalypse is upon us. They’re just partying and having a good time. We show up, covered in gore, and almost immediately these snitty, bulky security goons show up to try to show us to the door, and we make short work of them. Well… *I* make short work of them. Since we didn’t have guns, for some STUPID reason, I neatly chopped one guy’s hand off with a machete. The message that they finally received from this was ‘I mean business’. I seemed to be one of the only people in the team that was capable of actually killing either zombies or people.

At some point, the zombies are able to start banging on the sides of the house – because fuck physics.

It was at this crucial point that I woke up.

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