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Now, I’ve heard some people say, “You can’t tell me that ‘my version’ of Vodou/Santeria/Palo is wrong. You don’t have that right.”

You’re right. I don’t.

But I WILL say that when you ACTIVELY tell people that you are a Palera/o, Santera/o or a Vodouisant, and then tell them that you can do trabajos/wangas/etc for them as such – you need to realize that these titles come with the assumption that you have a godparent and a lineage – that you have FORMAL training and tutelage at the feet of an elder, or a collection of elders DIRECTLY WITHIN THAT PATH – whether you choose to believe that or not. By using a title that you didn’t actively earn, you’re disrespecting the path, and you’re disrespecting the CLIENT.

You’re also doing a disservice to yourself. These are beautiful, spiritually powerful traditions, and the connectedness of community cannot be overstated.

If you’re doing your own ‘version’ of a path – then please CALL IT THAT. BE CLEAR with people that you are doing your own thing. Don’t purposely mislead somebody because you think the title Mambo or Houngan sounds better.

Otherwise, it’s just false marketing – empty and without merit.

TRAVELOG: A cave? Without a Name?

So, yesterday the plan was to head out to Austin with my niece and nephews – see the bats fly out from beneath Congress Bridge, maybe run around downtown a little bit. They’d only been driven through Austin before, so I figured it’d be a nice little road trip.

Then, earlier this week, I started doing a little investigating on the possible caves in the area. Once I saw the pictures of the Cave Without a Name, that was it. I had to go. I presented the idea to the kids, and they were pretty interested, so I figured we’d roll out there early saturday morning, check the cave out, then drive back up to Hamilton Park Nature Preserve before going to see the bats in Austin.

What actually happened (tl;dr): We drove ten hours to see a cave.

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This really is one of my favorite jokes:

Two nuns, Sister Mary Agnes and Sister Mary Vincent, are traveling through Europe in their car, sightseeing in Transylvania. As they are stopped at a traffic light, out of nowhere, a small vampire jumps onto the hood of the car and hisses at them through the windshield.

“Quick, quick! shouts Sister Mary Agnes, What should we do?”

“Turn the windshield wipers on. That will get rid of the abomination”, says Sister Mary Vincent.

Sister Mary Agnes switches on the wipers, which knock the mini-Dracula around. But, he hangs on and continues hissing at the nuns. “What shall I do now?” she shouts.

“Try the windshield washer. I filled it with holy water before we left the Vatican”, replies Sister Mary Vincent.

Sister Mary Agnes turns on the windshield washer. The vampire screams as the water burns his skin, but he hangs on and continues hissing at the nuns.

“Now what?” shouts Sister Mary Agnes.

“Show him your cross”, says Sister Mary Vincent.

“Now you’re talking”, says Sister Mary Agnes. She then opens the window and shouts, “Get the fuck off our car!”

My Life in Matilda

DadnMatildaHere’s a picture of my dad in Matilda, my home on wheels. Clearly, I need to do a little housecleaning. Things get cluttered in the back when I’m staying with friends/family.

Quarantine – An Experiential Haunted House in Albuquerque, NM

I was one of the first people through the space on opening night, earlier tonight. The idea is really fun, and was executed pretty well. The space is large and the environment disorienting enough that you do kinda forget that it’s a haunted house for a few moments. There are a couple of ‘boo’ moments, but it’s a strong presentation. I’m sure the actors will only get better as Halloween night draws near.

I was actually out of breath by the time we found the exit, after dodging several menacing zombies in the darkness.


Met this amazing,VERY talented chick yesterday afternoon while walking around Madrid, NM with dad. Had wonderful, thought provoking conversations – it was good to meet a fellow soul traveler.

At Balticon back in spring, while I was at the table selling paperback copies of book two in my Vengeance Cycle series, I heard the same question a number of times, “Are these two books in a series, or are they separate?”

Both covers do look completely different, and it really does make the books look as if they have no relation to each other. I decided to remedy this, and had asked Steven Archer to do the same treatment on the image for It Never Ends that he’d done for Devil’s Gambit, since he did such a kickass job – and he didn’t disappoint. Thank you Steve!!

After a few tweaks, I present a preview for the new cover art for It Never Ends.

Once It Never Ends is available with the new cover art, I’ll let everybody know.

INE book 1 FINAL cover with text

Attended the Albuquerque Gem and Mineral Show at Expo New Mexico. Holy cats, the place was HUGE, and there were a pile of vendors. One of the vendors up front had a rather large, gorgeous collection of Pallasites, and I’m kicking myself for not picking one up. They were VERY pricey, but then most meteor fragments are.

GOOD show.