I seriously need to get my head out of my ass and stop doing the loner thing. I’m falling apart emotionally because I have such difficulty forcing myself to go out to social things on my own. I really miss everybody back home, but it’s going to be months before I’m back in the area, so I need to get off my ass and actively do something about this. I’m so socially awkward when there isn’t somebody I know at an event or a party that I tend to shut down and leave quickly after arriving.

It’s time to cut that shit out and actually get out there.

So – because I’m tired of having played out this bullshit, very painful paradigm my entire life, at the urging of my dear friend Jean Abbott, who apparently is the first person in my life that I could actually HEAR this from and consequently apply it in a way that benefits me, I’m going out to do something social today.

So, I went out to the ABQ Pagan Pride event down at Bataan Park. Met a wonderful woman there that made beautiful spirit drums, and got to sit and talk with her a bit about spirituality in general. Good discussion. It’s a nice little event.

I stayed there for an hour or two, wandering around and checking out vendors and people watching.

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