Best cab ride home EVER. First, my friend Dan Sturge and I had awesome Shawarama out at Good Frikin’ Chicken – then we get this Indian cabbie that’s apparently been having a rough time finding IT work. He was saying that he has three masters degrees, he’s a US Citizen, and he looked to be in his fifties. Apparently, nobody will give him a job because he’s

a) too old
b) doesn’t need an H1
c) overqualified

He was saying he was heading back to India in a month due to his situation. We started talking about the current shitty status that America affords its poorer citizens, much less it’s older citizens, and then we ended up on the topic of marriage. While we’re hearing about this poor guy’s horror show of an ex-wife situation, the guy explains that the Bollywood song that’s currently playing on the radio is talking about the perils of marriage, and how one should never get married.

Ah, Serendipity.

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