Daily Archives: September 4, 2013


I’m not particularly ambitious. I don’t really have dreams of social or economic grandeur. I like to write, but don’t really consider myself a writer. I don’t do it as a profession. I do it because I love storytelling. If I happen to make money at it, I consider that a bonus.

I’m here to live and love – to BE IN this beautiful/ugly, wonderful/horrible, pleasurable/painful trip through the arc of my human experience here.

I’m coming to the end of my walkabout around the US, at least for now. I’m on a trajectory that’ll take me through the southern states, bringing me back to the MD/VA/DC area, where I first started. I miss everybody back home a great deal, and for all its faults, Facebook has helped me to stay in touch with you all, for which I’m supremely grateful.

I’ve learned a surprising amount about myself, and feel a good deal more confident in who I am, where I’m going and what I want than I did almost two years ago. I’ve met/made new friends and acquired new people that I consider family along the way, as well as rekindling old relationships. I’ve also met fantastic people on the road that I’ll likely never see again, having spent a night drinking and laughing together, or shooting the shit about various socially forbidden subjects. (my favorite!) Wonderful moments in time that I’ll always cherish.

Currently, the plan is to stay down south for most of winter, and then start heading back in time to make it to KatusCon 20 in mid-February.

I want to thank everybody that’s kept up with me throughout my journey, reading my stories and checking out my pictures on my blog:http://waltzingmatildavan.wordpress.com/.

I’m happy that I’ve been able to share these moments. It makes me a little less lonely while I’m out on the road.

Thank you SO MUCH to Dan SturgeDoug HumphreyGrig LarsonChristine LarsonChristopher R. LarsonJeanie RussellJean AbbottStu MarkScottie DevlinHeidi Rausch Anderson (and Laura Kelly), Tansy Otterbeck, Tomas Inskip and Vincent Huckle for giving me places to stay on my way ’round the US. You were truly a godsend, and it was great to spend the amounts of time with you that I did. (I’m sure I’m forgetting SOMEBODY – it’s bound to happen. That doesn’t mean that I love you any less for allowing me into your house as a visitor and letting me set up shop in your homes, it just means that I’m addled and forgetful, for which I deeply apologize.)

Special thanks go out to my family for putting up with me for rather large swaths of time – Tom Miles, Adam Miles, Sydney Miles (and my awesome Niece and Nephews)

I couldn’t have done this without your help and support.