I’m coming to the realization that the path of my life is a mandala. There are grand, wonderful things that happen to me, that inspire beauty and love, but I don’t really keep many physical keepsakes. Instead, I choose things that I can nest with – colors, fabrics, nets – decoration that helps me to make home wherever I find myself. It helps that I now drive around in my home, as well 

I know lots of friends that have boxes of treasures – things from their childhoods to remind them of the past, but through all the successive moves throughout my life (I don’t think I’ve actually lived in one house for more than five years), I’ve dumped a WHOLE lot of stuff. Sure, some are things that I might momentarily miss – but, it quickly passes. I don’t necessarily need any of it to keep going.

I keep my spiritual things with me, but almost all else can come or go. I’m not really overly attached to it.

This trip has helped me realize exactly how much I’ve been able to let go of – and how much more I need to release.

I feel so much lighter, and a profound sense of gratitude.

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