Daily Archives: August 4, 2013

Road Chronicles

So, Friday night, I pull into a KOA about fifteen minutes away from Cape Disappointment down in southern Washington to spend the night – and as fortune would have it, I ended up getting a space next to completely fantastic neighbors. Two wonderfully raucous Canadian women and a Scotsman – it was like the beginning of a ‘walks into a bar’ joke.

Shortly after pulling in, I asked if I could join them and share their fire, and they waved me on over happily. I broke out my camping chair, then shared my story, while they shared various travel stories of their own. They were all very friendly, chatty, and VERY generous with their booze. (I’d brought my own, but I’m pretty sure that if I’d found myself ‘in need’ they’d eagerly have offered me a whole lot of pretty heavily tanked mixed drinks)

I haven’t laughed that hard, for that long, in a great while.

During my time with them, I learned that:

– Alcohol is apparently MUCH cheaper in the US, so they would make frequent trips over the boarder to stock their booze larders.
– Apparently ‘Fuck’ is a very popular word in Canada, which DELIGHTED me.
– We’d all been called filthy whores at several points throughout our lives – except for the Scotsman.

Wecked fahckin’ pahty night.

Thank you, Universe.

So there’s this lady in the restaurant this morning with two children that are just being horrible little terrors. The little boy is running around all over the place, almost knocking into people, and the little girl is pulling pictures off the wall and pulling menus out and waving the around and just being a nuisance.

The entire time, the mother is just on the phone – as is her older daughter. They apparently couldn’t care less that the kids are being awful. There’s no disciplining the kids – nothing.

When they finished eating, they all went out into the main entry area, and the mother just sits down and continues talking on the phone while her kids continue to tear up the place and knock into other customers.