Daily Archives: August 1, 2013

So, although this past weekend was fantastic, it also came with an entertaining element of drama.

I was called a whore, along with a friend, by somebody’s girlfriend happened to be cheating on her boyfriend in a fairly outrageous manner. I can only guess that, in order to assuage her own guilt at her appallingly childish behavior, she chose to deflect this by redirecting and getting nasty with her boyfriend – and (BONUS) calling us whores because we were simply hanging out and talking with him.

Within 24 hours, we were both upgraded to lesbians – by a third party, in order to put the kaibosh on the whore talk. (SURPRISE LESBIANS *BOO!*)

See – the thing that irritates me is that it’s been months since I’ve actually BEEN with anybody.

It’s almost like mockery.

You suck, girl that doesn’t know me – but I sure wish I was getting laid as much as you seem to think I am.