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There is an art to talking dirty, but the true magic comes in backing it up.

What kind of foul, nasty, selfish human being dumps a damned dirty baby diaper two feet outside of somebody’s tent at an event attended by thousands? Seriously.

People have to clean up after their dogs all the time – the VERY least YOU could do is throw your kid’s biological hazard into a damned wastebin.

tealpouchSo – I’d picked up this gorgeous teal deer skin the last time I was in downtown Portland, OR. It’s large enough that I’ll be able to get multiple craft projects out of it, which I’m pretty excited about.

The first one – a teal pouch that I’ve been wanting for some of my spiritual supplies, is all sewed – now I just need a deer antler bone button and I need to make a leather loop for a belt.

Yay, crafting!

I know I confuse you, honey – it’s part of my charm.
You don’t really know what pidgeonhole to put me in,
so you actually have to THINK about how to interact with me.

You ain’t nevah met a girl like me.
Just hang on and enjoy the ride.

Road Chronicles

Just arrived back in Willamina after having spent the most fantastic day up in Portland. Did an underground tour in the morning, which detailed quite a lot of seedy, sordid goings on in the city proper in years past, then enjoyed the Laurelhurst Shakespeare Festival open air productions of As You Like it (from 2 – 5pm) and Macbeth (from 7-9).

Theater is balm for the soul.

I wrote this last year, and felt the need to post it again:

The sun
its delights escape me
the heat from it
the only thing I understand
but only when I can shield myself from it.

My heart is better found
in things of shade and darkness
in those of mystery
and whispers of wickedness
on the night air

those twisting shapes
lurking just around the corner
the barest hint of light
reflecting the
gruesome beauty
of that which you treasure most

That sweet edge of fear.
They are my reassurances
when all else is lost
when nothing else is left

Mother night.
I embrace you
and eschew the sun
twilight to twilight
I will live between
and never miss
the rays
of the sun

your cruelest lover.

I breathe to life the sweet receivers/mirrors for my love: sensual, hard, hot, sweet, soft, caring, rough, gripping, biting, slow kisses, long embraces, soft endearments, dirty talk – I want it all.

I want the electric connection of sweat slicked souls connecting in the warm waters of the night.

Surround me, sanctify me and make me feel wanted, worshiped and safe.

I am ready.

Blood Harpie

Rum, Blood and Smoke
the scents fill the room
as a wizened old man
pounds out a rhythm
with a gnarled cane

The beat echoes
off cement walls
as a chorus repeats
a dire song from a large man
with a deep, booming voice

The words reach out
racing between vines and
across moss covered ground
to a power long rested

she’s been in hibernation
waiting for her people to call

Stirring at the sound
she rises and smiles
her cry echoing
in the surrounding forest

She comes, now
on wings of smoke
with breath of fire
and claws dripping with blood

Ah, writing research/character development mode. Delving into Roane’s past is proving to be quite the powerful exercise. I am growing even more fond of her, which I didn’t think was possible.

TRAVELOG: South Dakota’s Original 1880 Town – Murdo, SD

What started as a movie set slowly grew into the attraction now known as 1880 Town. The majority of the historically correct buildings were relocated to an 80 acre lot owned by Richard Hullinger to add to the attraction, which consists of a long main street with a church at the end, as well as train tracks just ‘outside of town’, with a collection of old steam engines…

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