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Life in Matilda

Relaxing and watching Sky Atlas in Matilda.


TRAVELOG: Devil’s Tower – Wyoming

This was it. After many years of wanting to see it for myself, I was finally able to get out to Crook County, Wyoming to visit with Devil’s Tower.

Considered sacred to the Lakota and other tribes with both cultural and geological ties to it, Devil’s Tower (Matȟó Thípila / Ptehé Ǧí / Wox Niiinon) is a stone monolith that looms over the surrounding landscape. Along the drive out on US-14 W, the moment the monument comes into view, it’s almost startling and unmistakable for anything else. An enormous pillar that rises up out of a flared stone base, flush with fallen rock peppered throughout with trees and bushes, Devil’s Tower seems to beckon. I actually felt pulled to the site almost the entire way there…