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TRAVELOG: Aztalan State Park – Aztalan, WI

Aztalan State Park is is the site of an ancient indigenous settlement out in Aztalan, Wisconsin. There are several pyramid shaped mounds with flat topped platforms that archaeologists believe served ceremonial and defensive purposes.

There are also a great many whackadoo/crackpot sites out there that have rather wildly varying accounts of the citizens of Aztalan.
One site even goes so far as to explain that there were two opposing religious factions – one that worshiped the sun, and one that worshiped the moon, and posits that these two tribes engaged in a continuing battle for over two centuries. This site further goes on to speculate that the solar/males defeated the lunar/females, and then proceeded to desecrate the site with human sacrifice and cannibalistic rites – none of it, of course, backed up with actual reference material…