TRAVELOG: Centralia, PA

I’ve wanted to visit Centralia for awhile now. Driving through the center of Ashland, PA – what seems like a fairly large town for the area, you take a right to head north on rt 61 and immediately head into the mountains of rural PA along a highway that winds up into the surrounding hills. There are coal piles in the treeline, long overgrown, and patches of trees are darker in color than others.

As you roll into Centralia proper, there are a total of three cemeteries on either end of second street, just before you spot the buckling and breaking of the land where sinkholes appeared years ago. The pulloff along the street leads you up to a vantage point where you can look down on the remains of the town, as well as surveying the damage that the fires beneath the surface has caused. Past that, you start to see the grid of a neighborhood that looks as though houses should be situated on the surrounding lots, but the structures themselves are long gone…

[more here]

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