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Where are the women Kerouacs?

“Whereas a man on the road might be seen as potentially dangerous, potentially adventurous, or potentially hapless, in all cases the discourse is one of potential. When a man steps onto the road, his journey begins. When a woman steps onto that same road, hers ends.”


“True quest is about agency, and the capacity to be driven past one’s limits in pursuit of something greater. It’s about desire that extends beyond what we may know about who we are. It’s a test of mettle, a destiny. A man with a quest, internal or external, makes the choice at every stage about whether to endure the consequences or turn back, and that choice is imbued with heroism. Women, however, are restricted to a single tragic or fatal choice.”

This is a FANTASTIC article.

In the past year on the road I’ve not yet been attacked or molested. Most people have been very friendly, and consequently very interested in my adventure. Granted, this may be in large part due to the fact that I look very different from most women out there. Being that I’m a single woman traveling the country on my own, I’m pretty hyper vigilant about my surroundings, and I definitely know how to defend myself – but sometimes, that’s not enough.

I have been very fortunate in my endeavor. The entire purpose of this trip is to be driven past my limits in pursuit of something greater. To learn more about myself – even the dirty truth that people don’t usually want to hear about themselves.

So far, I think I’ve achieved my goal – and intend to continue doing so when I get back on the road again at the end of May.