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And now for a Metaphysical Break

Hm – how much detail to provide? Isn’t that always the question? Since I’ve kinda taken a break from the hardcore travel adventuring, I’m finding other adventures to go on while I’m back in my old stomping grounds for the next couple of months. It’s been awhile since I’d done a long write-up, and I figured it was time to share some stuff in detail that is not really travel oriented, but perhaps interesting, nonetheless.

As I’ve gotten older, people’s views on ghosts or an afterlife have changed pretty drastically. There seem to be more people that believe that when someone dies, if they aren’t able to cross over at that point for some reason, they stay behind. There are others that believe that the paranormal phenomena that others experience are just echoes of that person’s energy when they were still here. Strong emotion in a certain place stays there and takes a while to dissipate, in other words.

What follows are my thoughts on this, as well as a paranormal investigative adventure.

I started talking to spirits at the age of 5. I don’t remember the incident itself, personally. Years ago, my mother had told me that back when I was 5, she watched as I stood out on the back path behind our house, looking up and talking to air. Apparently, I was getting pretty animated about what I was saying. When I was done and headed back inside, my mom asked me who I’d been talking to. Turns out it was her dad. He’d died before I was born, and I’d never met him. She asked me to describe him, and I shocked her with the detail I was able to provide.

Mom and I had an interesting relationship growing up – we’d do candle gazing and try to move stuff with our minds, on and off. The telekinetic stuff never worked out, which disappointed us, but made for interesting bonding time.

We also had a haunted mirror in our house while I was growing up. One night, my parents were apparently having a rather vigorous argument, when they heard a repeated banging on the wall above the fireplace. Apparently the mirror was coming away from the wall, then smacking back against it, over and over. From time to time throughout the years, I would see images of people that I’d never met in the mirror.

I started hearing spirits clearly and having conversations with them again by about 16. My first full possession took place in a graveyard under a full moon on Halloween night. I was 17. It wasn’t so much scary as, reassuring in an odd way. I’d always felt things around me, and I always felt like a ‘wierdness magnet’ of sorts, but that didn’t start really kicking in until 1993 or so. Over the next twenty years, the possession thing happened on and off. Sometimes it was scary, sometimes not. I never found myself in a situation where I was injured or damaged. Usually it’s somebody that misses dancing, or eating, or simply seeing through living eyes. I’m happy to let respectful spirits with clear boundaries in to experience that again, however briefly.

I’ve had them speak through me as well, sometimes to friends – sometimes to strangers. This isn’t something that I can really ‘turn on’, as it were. If something needs to be said, it gets said. If it doesn’t, ain’t nothin’ I can do to tell somebody what they want or need to hear, unless I lie. I don’t mess around with that. I’m all about delivering the message as unfiltered as possible.

While I do see a lot of stuff, most of it is in the corner of my mind’s eye – like a drawing on metaphysical onion skin over whatever I’m looking at; barely there, but definitely doing something. I no longer tweak when a door opens by itself, or there’s something pressing down on the foot of the bed – which also happens from time to time. After this long, I’m just used to it. I notice it, but if nothing else happens, I don’t really keep track of it. If it becomes insistent, I’ll call out and ask whatever it is to tell me what’s going on. At that point, the spirit either stops, or actually tells me what’s going on so that I can address it.

In the last year or so, I’ve gotten a lot more centered about both my abilities and things/spirits/etc around me.

This past saturday night was my first time accompanying a paranormal investigative team – Cressona Paranormal. We went to a house about 45 minutes or so outside of Philadelphia, PA. The client had experienced things moving around in the house and had found some scratches on the top of one of his dressers, but nothing else really directed at him in a negative way. He stated that at one point, while he was practicing with his Death Metal band in the basement, there was a loud LA LA LA that came through the speakers. The women that would enter his house, however, would usually leave with a sense of dread/discomfort, if not scratches – one was scratched up in the attic, the other in the basement. There was at least one woman that it tried to push down the stairs.

Apparently a Wiccan priestess that came in to bless the house at one point felt VERY uncomfortable when she left.

The moment I stepped inside, then started up the stairs to the kitchen, I felt a pressure on my lower legs – like there was somebody trying to push them back in order to make me stumble. It happened on almost every step, but I shrugged it off. I get a lot of these – well, what I call ‘BOO!’ moments when encountering spirits for the first time. I find that it’s usually something that likes scaring or being tricksy with people. I don’t really scare easily, and I get either sighs of disappointment or frustration that it isn’t working when I don’t react the way they want me to.

However, once on the middle level of the house, it was almost a null zone; like a cushion between what’s going on in the basement, the top floor or in the attic.

This was my first time meeting the team – there were introductions all around and everybody was very friendly and excited; then I started getting jumpy. I felt an overwhelming urge to start walking the house. Usually, when this happens and I’m alone or with other people that are two headed, like myself, I just zip off to where I feel most pulled to. Since it was my first time with this group, and I didn’t want to overstep my bounds, I asked if I could go down into the basement. We all decided to start doing the initial house walkthrough and headed downstairs.

Immediately, there was a feeling of immense pressure. I started seeing these images of pipes bursting and stuff breaking on that mental onionskin in my mind’s eye. The Client’s musical equipment is all set up downstairs. There was a genuine feeling of rage down there. I started looking around and spotted the female torso of a plastic store mannequin off in the corner. Immediately, “Get that thing out of here!” kept repeating over and over in my head in a very shouty tone.

I got clear very quickly that whatever lives in the basement did NOT want us there. When I encounter spirits like this, there’s usually an initial, “Who the heck do you think YOU are?” component. After I react calmly and quietly – and they’ve had time to ‘sniff me out’, as it were, they calm down and back off, curious as to what I’m going to do. It’s a very, “Oh. You actually see and hear us.” kinda thing. If they don’t like something I’ve done in their space, I get yelled at in my head, at which point *I* then back off and apologize for giving offense. It’s almost like having a conversation with a very keyed up person that just wants to fight, at least in the beginning. Initially, the angry presence in the basement showed itself as a weird, angry squiggle on a piece of paper – one that kept twisting itself up and moving around.

The client then pointed out patches of red splashes on the concrete. He said that they just appeared one day, getting darker and darker. They’re dark red, and it looks as if something’s been pulled through the edges of them. They go right up to the carpet under the drumset – then beneath it. He’d tried to get the stains to come out, but has so far been unsuccessful.

After a few minutes in the basement, we headed upstairs. I felt a couple half hearted pushes at my legs on the way back up to the midsection of the house, but nothing really earnest.

Once on the upper level, both myself and my partner in crime – another medium/practictioner that I work really well with, noticed that there were crosses on every door – almost every wall, and the client has a pile of them on his bedside table. Something in his bedroom was FURIOUS about the crosses, but not in a malevolent way. It was just hugely irritated about them. I got the strong feeling that the spirit was Jewish and didn’t appreciate not having his faith represented in the house as well. I mentioned this to my partner, and she started singing a part of the Mourner’s Kaddish, and the feeling calmed down.

We then went up into the attic. I was immediately drawn to a really dark corner of the attic where I crouched down, walked over and started talking with this very animated spirit that really seemed to enjoy messing around with people. There was no menace intended; he just enjoyed freaking people out and scaring them a little. He was very playful and chatty, but didn’t seem intent on actually hurting anybody.

We then walked back down into the client’s bedroom, and I asked my friend to sing the Mourner’s Kaddish again for the Jewish spirit. After a few minutes of her song, I felt this wave of sadness and gratitude that wasn’t mine come through me. It brought me to my knees and I wept as I held her hands. Then it was gone, and I was able to stand back up. We urged the client to pick up a Star of David to place in his house to respect the spirit.

It’s important to state that whenever I go into a place that feels full of ‘not living, but still there’ things, my sole intent is to connect and help them. In the end, it’s up to the homeowner to try to respect and live with the spirit, if it chooses to stay.

With this done, it was time to set up cameras and microphones; for the paranormal investigative group to now do it’s thing. My friend and I headed down to the basement with Jim, the guy that had founded the group. The other members of the team went upstairs. As we were heading down the stairs, something set off the laser tripwire ahead of us. None of us had crossed in front of the beam.

When we got downstairs, I pulled a chair over to an enormous drumset, and asked to have all the lights turned out. With the lights out, Jim began to take pictures – the flashes of light making it into a surreal experience (well, moreso than usual). I far prefer darkness or very low lighting when doing stuff like this, although I have communicated with spirits in cemeteries in the middle of the day before. For some reason, the darkness is more comforting. The investigative team is going through the data collected, so I can only recount what I experienced.

It turns out that the spirits of several revolutionary war soldiers were both terrified and dismayed by the music that the guy was playing. They had no frame of reference for it, and it was extremely disconcerting and upsetting to them. Me and my partner began singing older songs, which is something we sometimes do to soothe the spirits that we sense when the atmosphere becomes tense or oppressive, and it seemed to be much appreciated.

There was something else in the basement that was just FURIOUS. I did what I could to assist it, but have been requested not to speak more of it publically by the entity itself. The laser tripwire didn’t trigger again during our time down in the basement.

We went back upstairs to find the other members of the team on the top floor, still asking questions with EVP Recorders and headphones. One of them stated that she’d heard a woman crying at one point – heartbreaking sobs. The woman in the other room said she’d heard the same thing. In fact, they thought that it might be one of us crying in the basement. It wasn’t. Listening to the recording sent chills up my spine; it was clearly audible – but the odd thing is that I never actually felt the presence of a female spirit in the house. Everything I encountered or sensed was very male.

After a short discussion, we headed downstairs into the living room, where one of the investigators set up three flashlights around an EMF meter. The flashlights were placed to the right, the left and then behind the meter. The top connectors to the flashlights were unscrewed until the flashlight went out until somebody actually touched it to make the connection between the batteries and the light itself. With the three flashlights out, one of the investigators began asking questions – stating that the silver flashlight was for yes, the black for no, and the orange one behind the meter was for ‘we want to stop doing this now’.

I’d never seen this done before, and the EMF meter would flash dramatically every time one of the flashlights went on in response to a question. The investigator would then ask the spirit to back away from the flashlight, and it would go off. Multiple questions were asked, and the flashlights definitely seemed to be acting in accordance with actually answering the questions. It was wild.

During this process, the room kept getting colder and colder. My toes got so cold they actually started hurting. My friend was also experiencing the same thing, as was the client. The client also mentioned that from time to time, he’d get really cold while sitting on the couch – so not really sure what that was about. Drafty room or spirit presence? Hard to say – but once we stopped using the flashlights, the room started coming back down to a reasonable temperature.

In the end, the client was advised to, when he wasn’t downstairs playing Death Metal, to play more soothing music for the spirits that lived down there, to try to come to a respectful accord of some sorts – as well as removing the mannequin torso. It was also suggested that the client set up a small space for the Jewish spirit, placing a candle and some water, as well as a Star of David, to respect the spirit and to live with it without stress or agitation for either the spirit or the homeowner.

Overall, very cool experience. I’m looking forward to joining them on another investigation soon.


I haven’t done much travel writing of late because I’ve been back in the area I used to call home – MD/DC/VA. A year has passed since I’d seen everybody from the east coast, so I’m settling in for an extended stay before I begin my second sojourn across the country – this time across the North. I’ll be heading out at the end of May, going through the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Oregon. I want to get through Washington and Canada to hit Alaska in the middle of the summer, and will then work my way back down south.

The days are lazy and the weekends are filled with social gatherings and activites that I’ve missed over the last year. I’m gathering social memories to take with me on my next trip.

Once it starts getting a little warmer, I’m going to start venturing out again with an upgraded camera, so I’ll be able to get much higher quality images up here.

I’m getting a bit of cabin fever because I’m not used to staying in one place this long at this point, but I’ll be moving along soon enough.

I want to thank those of you that keep reading, staying with me through this grand adventure.

I’ll have more for you soon.

May spring be generous to all of us.