Daily Archives: December 31, 2012

A Blessing for the New Year

Omi tutu, Ona tutu, Ashe tutu, Tutu ile, Tutu egun, Tutu Laroye, Tutu ariku Baba iwa

Maferefun Eleggua, mi papa!

To hearald the coming of a new cycle, and a new year, may all those who dearly need it have the patience, reassurance, love, health and prosperity that will release them from fear, loneliness, exhaustion and pain.

My New Year’s Resolution is to choose to send out positive thought and intention in all things – to be the change I wish to see in the world.

May the coming year heal your hurts, your worries and all the social antagonism and strife that has been rampant throughout the various social online networks in the past year. May we all come to an understanding that we are more than simply a singular thought, belief or activity, and may we learn to truly listen instead of simply waiting for our turn to speak.

May we all choose to be a part of the healthy conversations that need to take place in order to heal us as a nation as well.

May the coming wave of change carry you and your families comfortably within it, lifting you all and bringing you to a place of understanding and peace.