Daily Archives: December 2, 2012

TRAVELOG: Cities of the Dead

I strolled around Metairie yesterday, and there are quite a lot of cemeteries to choose from in the area. 8 Separate cemeteries take up quite a bit of space where Canal St and City Park Ave meet. Lakelawn cemetery seems to be the largest, across the the interstate from Greenwood cemetery. The grounds of Lakelawn cemetery take up an area much bigger than the surrounding residential areas. There is a three quarters quadrant around the Ponchartrain Expressway that is filled with cities of the dead; the fourth quadrant is the New Orleans Country Club – which is still smaller than Lakelawn cemetery.

It’s a veritable mecca of ancestor remembrance, and quite visually stunning…

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TRAVELOG: A day at Tiki Zip Line in Denham Springs, LA

Today, for the second half of my birthday present, I finally went on a zipline extravaganza. I’ve wanted to get on a zipline run through the forest for almost twenty years now. This year, I got to live the dream…

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