TRAVELOG: The UFO Watchtower – Hooper, CO

On my way from Albuquerque, NM to Monte Vista, CO to visit with my Aunt a couple of weeks ago, I ran across a place out in the middle of nowhere called the UFO Watchtower, located at “the heart of the San Luis valley” out in Hooper, CO. Constructed by Cattle rancher Judy Messoline, the UFO Watchtower is essentially a metal observation platform above a beige domed gift shop. It’s quite a zany spectacle, surrounded by a garden of sorts with these odd little artistic memorials full of plastic toys, alien figures, shiny baubles, bones and other collected strange items. Apparently, it’s where a couple of ley lines intersect, so people leave an assortment of items behind in order to feel connected with the ‘space energy’ of the place…

[more here]

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