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TRAVELOG: Bruce Campbell’s Boeing 727 200 Olympic Air jetliner house in the Oregon woods

So, the other day, while I was toolin’ around Portland, I looked at my trusty dusty app – and what should I see, but an entry titled “Jetliner Home in the Woods”. I decided to contact Bruce to see if he’d mind my dropping by to check his digs out, and he very gracefully responded, happy to oblige…

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TRAVELOG: Meditative scenes from Portland, OR

Over the weekend, I decided to venture into Portland. I’d looked online for places to see around the city and the ones that most piqued my interest were the Lan Su Chinese Garden, The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, The Grotto and the Japanese Garden…

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TRAVELOG: Magical mountains, a Lake in a Crater and Cascading Waters

My first destination on this particular run was to be Lassen Volcanic National Park, but shortly after I arrived in Red Bluff and got out of the car to look around, it felt like an oven. I think it’s actually the hottest weather I’ve ever stepped out in – which really isn’t saying that much when most of the country has been experiencing heat in the 100′s this summer. Still, it’s the kind of heat that would put me in the hospital in short order if I stayed out in it longer than five to ten minutes…

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TRAVELOG: Seals, Sea Lions and Anemones!

Friday afternoon, I got on the road heading out to the Oregon Coast. Having grown up on the southeast coast, I’m used to long stretches of flat sand with no other defining features than a great many people in bikinis gathered beneath the hateful orb of the sun for the sole purpose of getting skin cancer. I knew that the northwestern coast would be substantially colder, and that the view would therefore be different, but I wasn’t prepared for the enormous disparity between the two. The Oregonians that I’ve spoken to about the coasts have said that, if anything, their coastline resembles Maine more than anything else. And yeah, Maine is on the list…

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Road Chronicles

Oregon is breathtaking. Truly, there are parts in this land that almost move me to tears. Forests, mountains and the waters of the earth, burbling in their merry way so as to be very restorative. I shall rest here a while in my paradise and be re-invigorated against the madness of the outside world. I am supremely grateful to the universe for all that I see.

I’ll be putting up a detailed trip report of the trip from Cali up through Oregon soon.

TRAVELOG: The Albany Bulb

Went out to the Albany Bulb earlier tonight. It’s a former landfill peninsula in Albany, CA that seems to be populated by urban artists and local homeless. Be aware that, along certain parts of the walk out to the Bulb itself, this downright NASTY combination of wild fennel and dogcrap will assail your senses. With the beauty comes the irritation of too many people that can’t be bothered to pick up after their damned dogs. :/

The bulb itself is a web of trails that wind through tall grasses, Himalayan blackberries, raspberries and various other bushes and trees. Tents and shanty lean-tos dot the landscape at various points along the trails, tucked in between the scrub brush and groves of trees…

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Higway Oddities

America is famous for having some of the weirdest highway attractions, and I eagerly try to get to the ones that intrigue me the most.

This being said, so far, I’ve been to…

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