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TRAVELOG: Casa Bonita – It does exist!

I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this previously. For this egregious oversight, I apologize profusely. Casa Bonita is located on West Colfax Avenue in Lakewood, CO.

Although a hearty endorsement from Cartman should have swayed me from actually going to this place, I had to see it, once S. John Ross explained it to me. I had to have the Casa Bonita EXPERIENCE. The ‘Taste of Mexico’, as it were…

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TRAVELOG: Zodiac and The Good Servent (Serpent) Orphanage

Last night, drove around in search of The Good Servent (Serpent) Orphanage in Vallejo, CA.

An online source states:

“Never listed in any directories and located at the end of a desolate abandoned road, it remains one of the worst cases of child abuse ever recorded in American history. At the turn of the century, children of the Good Servant Orphanage and Continuation School hailed from all over the world, including the Appalachian Experiment Children. Twelve year old Luther, a third degree burn victim and the reluctant head of the children, leads small groups of his peers as they sneak out at night to find food, completely oblivious to how unforgiving the community can be of those who are “different.” So hideous looking are the small night foragers that the locals soon change the name of the institution from its given moniker, “Good Servant Orphanage” (referring to Christ) to “Good Serpent Orphanage” (referring to the Devil). A deliberately set fire puts a violent end, once and for all, to the sufferings and horrors that were perpetuated upon the young innocents whom society abandoned to the custody of a wicked headmaster, one who posed as a benevolent Christian minister but, in truth, was the very opposite of that — a malevolent Satanist; an evil man who, unfortunately, had the backing of the U.S. government in a twisted quid pro quo…

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TRAVELOG: daytripping on the weekend – a devil of a mountain and a haunted house

Early saturday morning, I headed out for Mount Diablo, a mountain supposedly sacred to the Miwok and Ohlone Native American peoples of California. I’m all about vortexes and sacred places and I’d wanted to check it out while I was here, so I headed on down to Mount Diablo State Park. I will say that almost the entire way up the mountain itself is lousy with bicyclists with very nasty attitudes. The bicyclists in this area in general are fairly aggressive, and as with other bicyclists in other states, they don’t bother following traffic signs/lights or posted speed signs…

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TRAVELOG: From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coastline

I left Denver on a wednesday evening, pushing to get to Moab, UT as quickly as possible. I wanted to be able to see the tall red walls of the canyons early in the morning, before the sun became a raging desert beast with the sole intent of wrecking me. I’m pretty heat sensitive, so during the summer I tend to stay indoors a great deal. This whole running about when it’s bloody hot outside is still sort of new to me. I stayed on I-70 through the Rockies, still captivated by how beautiful and overwhelming they are. Their towering presence loomed overhead as I followed the winding road throughout canyons and over the tops of mountains…

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