Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

TRAVELOG: Sandia Peak, NM

Ran out to take the Sandia Peak Tram all the way up to the top earlier this evening. Dad had told me about it when I first arrived, and I’m really glad I did it. Supposed temp at the top was 45 F, but I only needed a light jacket. Then again, I only roamed around for a little bit and got winded several times, so I’m sure that heated me up. It wasn’t horrendously windy at the top either, which was nice.

The initial plan was to head out to the Petroglyph National Monument, but it CLOSES at 5pm. WTF, natural park people. Seriously. The sun doesn’t start seriously fading until after 7pm at this point.

The area itself is gorgeous, and there are trails nearby in which you can frolic to and fro amongst the varying spiny succulents and rocks. Lots of fun.