Daily Archives: March 1, 2012

It’s decided – this weekend I’ll be heading up to Cape Canaveral, then heading over to Orlando. I WILL NOT be going to Disney World. I can’t afford it. $85 a day? Who can? Good grief.

I WILL, however, be trying to get to visit: a 118-foot tall, bald cypress tree that’s over 3,500 years old (Sadly, the tree was burned down back in January by an idiot doing meth inside the trunk, according to online reports. I’m still going to go to try to heal the remaining spirit of the tree. :(), Spook Hill – one of those places where your car supposedly rolls uphill, Snow Hill Mountain Bike Trail and Wekiwa Springs State Park.

I’m also thinking of checking out Orlando Ghost Tours – (407) 423-5600 – www.hauntedorlando.com

There’s also apparently an overpass on I-4 that’s supposed to be very haunted and have more than an average number of accidents. It’s just north of Orlando, at the St. John’s River in Seminole County. According to legend, the highway was built over the graves of Yellow Fever victims, who lived (and died) at St. Joseph’s Colony, established on this site in 1887.

Also, legend claims that the small, rural cemetery on Rouse Road and nearby woods are haunted by a ghost from the 1840s – Benjamin Miles, whose nightly presence is apparently signalled by an owl screeching. Mr. Miles, whose apparition is usually in tan-colored work clothes, was buried in an unmarked grave, and it is said that he’s an angry ghost. From what reports have stated, there is a “strong, unsettling presence” there.

Then there’s St. Luke’s Cemetery in Oviedo, FL – According to online accounts, there is a small building that can be found in the center of the cemetery. When approaching the door, it’s said that there is an odd feeling that overtakes your body. The feeling apparently borderlines on threatening and the cause is unknown. When turning the corner, some have reported that they experienced difficulty breathing. Sometimes hands will start to tingle for no reason and when departing the site, some have claimed to leave with marks on their necks.

Gonna try to find these places as well :)