It got up to 90 today.

I’m guessing that’d be about 5 or 10 degrees hotter in the van.

I’ve been drinking what seems like a metric ton of water, and putting ice on my head on and off throughout the hotter parts of the day. Grueling is the word of the day. If I didn’t have the box fan, I’d be completely screwed.

This weekend, I’m going to price portable AC units. Still, I’d rather be out here doing this than in a cubicle. :D Makes life interesting. The plan for this weekend is to hit the Coral Castle, take in a swamp tour and maybe find some more weird shenanigans to get up to via Meeting up with a Facebook friend in Miami tonight, and will likely stay at the same truck stop that I stayed at last friday night, then I’ll figure out where I’m going from there.

Ah, life. She is exciting, no?

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