The current trip schedule as it stands…

I leave on February 10th to begin the 22+ hour trek to Clewiston, FL near Lake Okeechobee. I’m going to be there until March 9th, when I’ll be heading back to stay with my brother for two weeks before heading out to Albequerque, NM to housesit for a month. I’ll be arriving in Albequerque on the weekend of March 24/25 and then heading up to Denver Colorado to visit with the lovely S. John Ross and his awesome wife Sandra on the weekend of March 21/22. I’ll be hitting Starfest 2012 (April 20th-22nd) with them. 🙂 (

I will then be heading down from Denver to Flagstaff, AZ on the weekend of May 12/13, where I’ll be hooking up with my dear friend Pwincess, and we shall finally begin the frequently put off ‘Meat and Guns Tour’ through Arizona, maybe Utah, Las Vegas, Los Angeles – and then we’ll be driving up the coastal highway from there to her place up in Northern California. We’ve only got a little under two weeks on this, so it’s going to be interesting to see if we can hit all the places we both want to.

I will then be flying out to Baltimore for Balticon on the weekend of May 25-27. I may try to stay a couple days extra to see all my friends that I dearly miss since I left the DC/VA area back in October – but then it’s back to Northern California, and then the great trek through Portland, Seattle, etc begins.

A plan. I have it. :D

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