Daily Archives: January 15, 2012

Road Chronicles

One one of my trips back to the van from utilizing the camp facilities last night, I spotted a large owl perched on the edge of a children’s swing set. I said hello to it, and it flew past me and off into the darkness. Was a very cool moment.

TRAVELOG: Cave of the Mounds – Blue Mounds, WI

Cave of the Mounds [http://caveofthemounds.com/] is a natural limestone cave that was discovered back in 1939. It opened as an attraction in 1940.

According to WIKIPedia – “The Chicago Academy of Sciences considers the Cave of the Mounds to be “the significant cave of the upper Midwest” because of its beauty, and it is promoted as the “jewel box” of major American caves.”
I will say that, out of the caves that I’ve visited so far throughout the country, while it’s not overwhelming in size, the sheer beauty of this cave system is really outstanding…