Adventures in Massage

I’ve been whinging on about needing a massage, so this past sunday I started looking for local places. I happened upon a place maybe ten minutes from the house. Turns out its in an industrial park. I go inside, and the place looks fairly innocuous, but doesn’t exactly look like a ‘salon’ either. I’m directed into a room with an industrial sized massage table. There are two bars that run along the ceiling that I don’t notice until the massage is over. At the head of the massage table hang two signs. One of them has two statements that leap out at me.

The first is ‘disposal of condoms is not permitted on the premises’.

The second? ‘Please do not ask for sexual favors’.

This leads me to believe that this is not an entirely above board establishment, but hey – I’m already here and I’m adventure girl, so why not?

The lady that gave me the massage used lots of hot towels and compresses that she would switch on and off during the massage, but I was freezing most of the time which didn’t help for relaxation. While she was very nice and admired my tattoos, the massage wasn’t that helpful, which I suppose should not have been surprising. :/

I’m totally going back to the guy I’m familiar with, now that I know he’s back in town.

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